Gold Guns Girls

My computer fashion design class at FIT just came to an end, and I am excited to see my first full 'collection' even if it only exists digitally. The course was mainly focused on learning to create a moodboard, colorstory, and technical flats in Photoshop and Illustrator. Our semester was focused on designing a 10 piece sportswear collection. I was inspired by art deco architecture and wanted to translate the sharp angles and lines into this collection. It was important to me that the woman who owns these pieces be able to throw any of them on together and look ready to take on her day. She can walk into work wearing grey plaid trousers with a striped blouse and gold blazer. Go to brunch with her girls comfortably in a zippered pencil skirt and printed silk screen sweatshirt. Or take on the night in a sporty graphic print dress topped off with a dramatic long coat. I'd like to imagine that this would be what Michelle Smith would design for a corporate retailer such as Ann Taylor. It was fun to take the sleek, youthful, sex appeal of Milly and apply it to a more conservative professional mass market. 



All in the Details

After checking out Flatstock, the screen printed poster showcase at SXSW, I left with a handful of business cards from graphic designers and illustrators. As well as a screen printed poster of a Death Star Disco Ball (of course).
It got me brainstorming about ideas for my own business cards. While I love simple and well-designed logos on cards, I knew I wanted my cards to simply communicate what I love to do. Which is draw and paint fashionable things. 
Above are a few paintings I did from details of RTW runway shots. So far I have Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and Badgley Mischka. I'm aiming to have a painting on one side of my card and my contact information on the other. I'd like 3 sets of cards, 1 of each painting. Right now I'm only satisfied with the Burberry and McQueen, so I guess I'll keep painting until I come up with a third one I love enough to use...


FIT Portfolio

Hey guys, its been quite a while hasn't it? Almost a year I'm afraid to admit. Where has the time gone? I graduated college almost a year ago and since then I've had a lot of time to think about what the next step is for me. Post-college is probably the awkwardest stage of life, right up there with your pre-teens. You're not in school anymore, and even though you have a job and bills, you still don't feel like an adult. My solution? Going back to school. The last year off has been good for me, but I've decided to apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology and see what comes my way. Above are a few designs from the portfolio I submitted. As you can see, I've grown a penchant for polka-dots, yellow accents, and leather  panels. 

Check out the rest of my portfolio on my pin board on Pinterest: [HERE]
I'd have to say the hardest part of the application was the garment sewing test. Having only sewn mostly plushies before, its quite different trying to make something that has an actual purpose and can be worn. I decided to make a pair of high-waisted shorts with a scalloped hem. Its also got pockets and an invisible side zipper. Not bad for my first pair of pants! 

Rach :]


Weeko Mika Designs

IMG_0375 IMG_0368 IMG_0372 IMG_0327 IMG_0351 IMG_0356 IMG_0500 IMG_0546 IMG_0587 IMG_0513 IMG_0409 IMG_0419 IMG_0445 IMG_0437
[leather jacket: Hollister. black tank, black leggings: Target. parka: Kohls. white tshirt: Forever21. boots: Charlotte Russe. all jewelry: Weeko Mika Designs]

A week or so ago, a friend in studio launched her own handmade jewelry line as her final project. She needed someone asap to pose for a few pictures wearing some of the jewelry for her catalog. While clearly I'm not the most professional model, it was still a fun shoot. We conquered the undeveloped patch of woods across from a park in town. It was a little treacherous at first, but we braved forward! 
For her project, Alyssa not only handmade each necklace, but created the logo for the etsy site, designed the print catalog, built a window display, printed business cards, and put together the cute packaging for the necklaces. The inspiration for her line was inspired by southwestern native american motifs. Each piece is made of birch-wood or plexiglass that has been laser cut and features details like glitter, skull beads, or natural stones. 
I like that each piece is unique. I think my favorite necklaces are the gold glitter plexiglass triangle or the birch-wood triangle with the white skull. And how could you not fall love with the little cute faces of the raccoon and fox? Take a look at the designs below and come check out her etsy shop: Weeko Mika Designs 

Thanks for reading! 

***NOTE: If you can't find one of the necklaces you want above on the etsy shop, message her because it probably hasn't been uploaded yet. Or it might be sold out, so ask her if she can make an order for you!***


Christmas List [2011]

[1] Macbook Photoshop hotkeys laptop keyboard cover @Photojojo
[2] Soot (from Spirited Away) plushie cell phone holder @FocalPrice
[3] Yellow gemstone cocktail ring @Ebay
[4] Wonder Woman travel coffee cup @Amazon
[5] Cat Eye vintage eyeglasses @Etsy
[6] Fashion history book @Amazon
[7] Typography Workbook @Amazon
[8] Star Wars long-sleeve tee (s) @Forever21
[9] Grey/Yellow reversible comforter (full/queen) @Target 
[10] Striped sweater (s) @Target 
[11] Suede ankle boots (6) @Charlotte Russe

Its that time of year! I've just ransacked the holiday aisle at Target leaving with 3 sparkly gift bags and an R2D2 Christmas bobble head. I'm excited about the DIY gifts I have planned to make for friends and family. And currently I'm drowning in end of the semester schoolwork, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to christmas carols on pandora. Yep. Its December.
Are you ever too old to make a christmas wishlist? I think not.
This year, only simple fun things make the list!

Hope you're having a great start of December and if you're in college, good luck on finals and have a safe trip home for the holidays!