Uber Frustration

I decided to start a new painting on a whim the other night. I had seen this Daily deviation on DeviantArt in the style of painting that I had always wanted to have. I haven't really picked up a paintbrush since Christmas so launching myself into this project is kind of a big deal for me. The picture below is my painting as it was at the end of the first night painting.
I was pretty proud of myself for getting the motivation to get off my ass and actually do something about this pent up creative energy I've been choking myself with. I was merely satisfied however, because the painting style was no where near the artwork from DeviantArt that I wanted to immulate. This painting below is the style I want to have.
This is not mine. This artist can be found here at http://rpintor.deviantart.com/
Give him comments because his work is outstanding.

I love the unblended, loose strokes and wide range of colors he uses. I can not seem to get this style down no matter what I try. I went back to work on my own painting the second night and managed to turn it into a mess thinking that the only way to get my style to look like his was to use a palette knife. Big mistake. Now I have to wait for my mess to dry because it is in oils and maybe if I can, fix it. I really hate coming to that wall of 'is this only how far my talent will take me?'

I realize that all artist's are gifted with their own specific styles and they are all beautiful, but I still want to be able to grow as an artist. I don't want this to be my stopping point. I want today to be only the beginning.


  1. Haha. Ya you really did go crazy with this. I think you should've put an after picture up so that people can see how much of yo mind you actually lost.

    Also, you shouldn't get so frustrated because you can't ALWAYS just pick up a style on your first try. I mean, I don't paint or any other form of hand-done art but I know when I played music, I couldn't perfect the jazz-style immediately. I mean, I had to work on it a lot because horns just don't do jazz. It's awful.

  2. your work was also really great. but i get what you're saying :P

  3. I love the first painting (the one you made)! I have been wanting to creating something in this style but don't quite know where to start. I love how each different color represents a different shadow in the paining...I just feel like I don't know which color to put where so that it looks perfect...any suggestions?


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