Recently I did a watercolor sketch of Jane from Sea of Shoes. I am not that pleased with how it came out actually. I like the lines and the composition, but I don't think the colors work well. I think I am so bored with realism that everything I do ends up really stylized.

I really like Jane's blog. As a shoe addict myself, I can appreciate her awesome shoe collection. I really like her vintagey, earthy, and yet edgy style. As a Texan myself, I think its great that she is from Texas. I notice that most fashion bloggers are located in California, but Jane proves that you can have style in the Lone Star State as well. Perhaps I am homesick too. Her blog is located near my hometown.


I also inked out a sketch of Karla from Karla's Closet. I don't know if I am going to color it the same way I did Jane's sketch. I think I might go realistic on this one and see how it turns out. I dunno, I am just not as patient with painting as I should be.

Karla's blog is one of my favorite blogs. Her style is amazing and unique. While I'm not so sure I could pull off the outfits she works, I am still so inspired by her style. I may not go around in super-tall platform wedges, leggings, a boxy blazer and a teeny clutch, but man do I wish I had the nerves to.



  1. I actually like the mix of colors in the first. This is very good!

    the WB
    (weekly blogette)

  2. Wow, you are SO talented. Me next?

  3. You drew these? Wow. I wish I could sketch/draw so detailed and well. Jane is such a Sweetie. I love her Mom too. :)

    btw, my vint. bag belonged to my Grandma, I love digging through her old things ;) you should check yours too.

    x, thanks!

  4. oh i love these two bloggers
    karla's my absolute favorite .
    it looks nice but i understand what you mean my BF sometimes hates art he does even if everyone digs it

  5. Love the line weights in this. Maybe you could do a blogger coloring book?

  6. Love these 2 blogs :) your drawings are amazing! karlas new hair is sooo hot, wish I had the guts/bone structure! xoxo

  7. wow, these are amazing! you are such a talented artist.

  8. I like the second one. Love the thick lines.

  9. I know, isn't he great? the tee comes with the cutest tag as well with a picture of him and some bits of info like his name/age/likes/dislikes/etc :) but your stuff is stunning too girl, don't be humble! PS. i also made the peanut butter cookies from "A chow life"'s blog but they didn't turn out too good cus i put too much sugar in haha. thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments :) xoxo

  10. I want to see more more of your Art. Soon? :)



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