White Picket Porch

Black Skirt-Oxford and Regent. White Button Down-Converse by Target. Hat-Thrifted. Heels-Target.

So I bought this black skirt not realizing how short it really was. Sounds impossible, I know. I think when I tried it on I wasn't wearing at my waist, but at my hips. Scooting a skirt up from your hips to your waist can take it up a lot apparently. I guess I should wear it with black leggings next time when its cooler, although I may not be able to wait that long. Judging by today's Texas heat, it feels like Fall may never come. Oh, and my arms are not disappearing half way. This skirt has awesome pockets!

I bought this old man-ish fedora from a thrift store quite a few years ago. Originally I got it because it was less than a dollar and I needed something to hold my hair up the the summer heat. But back then my hair was long and reached my lower back, now it barely touches my shirt collar in the back. I've been wanting a more bucket shaped feminine version of this hat for winter. Like the ones women wore in the 20's. Something like this. Not sure whether in black or gray.

I've come to the point where I really want to come into my own sense of style. Rumi of FashionToast once said that a sign of coming into your own style is when things you bought years ago you still love today. Having gone through so many phases clothing wise in my life, I definitely don't have this yet.

Here's hoping that it will happen soon,


  1. this skirt is flawless!
    thanks for sharing the beautiful and simple inspiration
    so chic!

    check out my blog @

  2. That really is the perfect skirt.

  3. i think i have my style down...
    its a weird mix of Old Lady meets Punk Rocker meets Geek with BOOBS!
    haha i'm so weird Rach...Why are you friends with such a WEIRDO! lol
    Oh and on your blog it says that you want a hat like this... but there is no picture?
    Am I just confused?

  4. Hi Rach! I ADORE the poofiness of that black skirt & it's not toooo short, it's just right!

    I know what you mean about finding a personal style, it's like a never-ending pursuit, huh? I'm still trying too! I find it most frustrating when I find something that I really love but I put it on & it just doesn't work. It's finding that balance between personal taste, feeling comfortable & of course, looking good!

    Best of luck :)


  5. ive been lookign for this kind of skirt for forever, you have no idea!.
    omg it looks flawless n you, and you have a floppy hate, i love floppy hats!
    im so going to follow you.


  6. Love your skirt! It would be cute with tights too!

  7. What a fantastic outfit. I particularly love the skirt - it's so full and fun! It's definitely not too short - I think you make it really classy with your button down. Good advice - I definitely haven't created my own style yet... the clothes I bought years ago are actually ATROCIOUS.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. oh may u are gorg nd love whole the outfits,poser are amazing.,.
    hyped and chic for you.
    i waiting the next pictrs.,.

    stay intouch,


  9. Mm I adore this outfit, and your hair it awesome.

    P.S: Salmon is a much sturdier fish than tilapia. I've found that tilapia cooks best when breaded. Salmon on the other hand sears nicely but due to the high fat content, it tends to splatter so be careful. Hope I helped.

    : ]

  10. I think its a nice length :)

    Great blog by the way.

    Maria x

  11. Hi Rach, thanks for stopping by my blog. A fellow texan, nice! You're right, TX heat is serious but lately it's been almost 90s instead of 100s. Maybe we will get lucky. =)

  12. Love your hat!!!


  13. Love this outfit, especially the skirt.

  14. oh i absolutely LOVE this outfit on you!

    and yeah Jester was totally like a jail.. which is why we only lasted one year before moving out of dorm life..

  15. Fabulous outfit, darling! Love the fedora so!


  16. Love black and white together. You look really chic !!!

  17. I love that outfit! Especially the skirt. It all looks wonderful! :)

  18. I love your skirt and that hat!!

  19. this is such a great look, I love the skirt and the fedora too! I'm sure when fall rolls around you can pair it with some leggings and it will look fantastic as well.

  20. great skirt, and i LOVE the shoes.

  21. ok so blogger confuses me blah... posted my first blog last night SCARED!

  22. Hey Rach

    thanks for dropping by and commenting,
    you're too kind! ;-)

    Lovely blog.
    Talk about talent! Sheesh.hehe.
    Ahh and style. You look great in your outfit love!


  23. I love the shoes and your skirt! Also the trilby is cute. Nice blog!


  24. So cute I love the skirt so much!

  25. great outfit
    it's sort of menswear inspired, but really girly at the same time!
    i love the skirt


  26. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!
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