Recently I did a watercolor sketch of Jane from Sea of Shoes. I am not that pleased with how it came out actually. I like the lines and the composition, but I don't think the colors work well. I think I am so bored with realism that everything I do ends up really stylized.

I really like Jane's blog. As a shoe addict myself, I can appreciate her awesome shoe collection. I really like her vintagey, earthy, and yet edgy style. As a Texan myself, I think its great that she is from Texas. I notice that most fashion bloggers are located in California, but Jane proves that you can have style in the Lone Star State as well. Perhaps I am homesick too. Her blog is located near my hometown.


I also inked out a sketch of Karla from Karla's Closet. I don't know if I am going to color it the same way I did Jane's sketch. I think I might go realistic on this one and see how it turns out. I dunno, I am just not as patient with painting as I should be.

Karla's blog is one of my favorite blogs. Her style is amazing and unique. While I'm not so sure I could pull off the outfits she works, I am still so inspired by her style. I may not go around in super-tall platform wedges, leggings, a boxy blazer and a teeny clutch, but man do I wish I had the nerves to.



A Chow Life

I recently found an very interesting food blog called A Chow Life and decided to test out three of the recipes. Everything on that blog looks so delicious. If I could afford ingredients to try out all the recipes on there I would. All the directions in the recipes were pretty easy to follow. And all the photos of the foods are superb.

First, I tried baking the Peanut Butter Cookies. A simple classic, but I have always loved peanut butter cookies. My favorite part of making these cookies was getting to make the criss-cross marks on the tops with a fork. They were delicious.
Later me and Dave decided to tweak the recipe by substituting peanut butter for Nutella, mixing in chocolate chips, adding some milk, and topping them with almonds and dark chocolate chunks. They were certainly a unique treat. You can see the results of this experiment here at Dave's blog.

The second recipe I tried was the Moroccan Pot Pie. It is definitely not your normal chicken pot pie because it is spiced with paprika, cumin, and cinnamon and sweetened with raisins. None-the-less, this recipe was great as well.



Last but not least were the Baked Pears that I tried. These were ABSOLUTELY delicious. Seriously. I loved the syrupy texture of the brown sugar and raisins that filled the pears. I ate one hot from the oven on a bed of cold vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Needless to say, it was a week of good eats.


Animations: Ratzilla and Detective Double Chocolate

Long time no... blog?
Seriously though its been a while. I have been really suffocated by schoolwork as of late. First was hell week and soon are my finals. Neither of these things actually took most of my time in the last week. While I have been studying for those, the real time drainer has been my final project for my animation class.

While I love the class, the only downer is the amount of time it takes to animate anything. I will never take Toy Story or Finding Nemo for granted ever again. Animation takes forever to do one simple thing. I pretty much fell off the face of the earth creating my final animation. I didn't see daylight for four days straight.

Now that I'm finally done I feel like running outside and breathing fresh air...or settling down with a good book.

Click here to watch my final project. It is a backwards interpretation of the Aesop's fable, The Lion and the Mouse. In the original story the lion spares the mouse and the mouse helps the lion escape later. In my version the roles are reversed.

This is a previous experiment in Flash that I did. Detective Double Chocolate must solve the crime of Chip's drowning. I think the characters are very reminiscent of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I really hope you have better internet connection than I do to watch them. Otherwise they will be glitchy little two second pictures and you will wonder why I didn't have a life for an entire week for them.


Jenny's Dress

So the end of the second season for Gossip Girl is coming up and I am super excited.This week's episode "The Wrath of Con" aired yesterday and definitely set up some issues for all the characters. First of all, Blair and Chuck's confrontation. Sad but true, Chuck has never really been good for Blair even though he obviously does love her. I can't believe Lily had Serena arrested, how does getting your own daughter in jail create any less of a scandal? It was kind of ridiculous but I think the writers were trying to open up the series to its spin off about Lily's own wild child days.

Next week, on May 11th, Gossip Girl's prom episode "Valley Girls" will air and will include flashbacks to Lily's past as a crossover to a spin-off series. The spin-off focuses on Lily Van der Woodsen's youth in the 80's. Lily Rhodes is played by actress Brittany Snow.

I am not sure if I will be as interested in the spin off as the original series, but No Doubt will be performing in the crossover episode which will be awesome. I am also glad that Georgina Sparks is back and has shook off her I-love-Jesus act. Hopefully we will get to see some of her own fierce style instead her looking like a Blair-doppelganger.

My favorite quote from the last episode is Georgina's call to Blair:
"You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back."

I am also looking forward to the fashion in GG's prom episode. Upper East Siders wear only the very best and ridiculously expensive on their special night. Serena's dress is a chiffon gown by Dior that apparently sells for $19,650. Crazy right?! I think it suits her though, Serena's style on the show has always been very relaxed and simple yet luxurious. Blair's style on the other hand has always pulled out all the stops. Her dress is a one of a kind Marchesa gown that isn't sold anywhere at all. I really love the gold peacock feather detail on her gown.

Although I think that Nate was good for Blair, I still support Chair and think that Nate needs to be with someone else. Preferably not Vanessa, so I am glad he is reportedly going back to Jenny. My only complaint is that I wished he would take Jenny to prom because lord knows the little fashionista would concoct some stunning creation to wear that night. I am a big fan of the new Jenny and I would have loved to see what she would have made herself to compete with Serena's Dior and Blair's Marchesa dresses.

In reality, Nate takes Blair to prom, but this is the dress I came up with for Jenny to have made for her prom dress.

I was really afraid that this dress looks like the Cancan thing Paris Hilton wears on her perfume ads. In my head Jenny would have looked great in this dress at the prom though. A dramatically asymmetrical ruffled gown with exposed open zippered hem and hot pink tulle underneath. It was inspired by the pink skirt Jenny wears under her uniform to school, the amount of black she always uses, and the heavy hardware she puts on. The skirt is edged with zippers. Even though I could not draw it accurately and it looks like white lace. It is ZIPPERS. Like the clutch below.


Looking forward to the Prom episode of Gossip Girl.
Thanks for reading!



HURRAY!!! I finally got my application turned in a day before it was due. Now if only I hadn't spelled portfolio 'portlifio'. They are pretty picky about spelling errors. But I don't think I had any errors in the rest of the 3 writing portions I had to do. There was some intense writing for an ART application. Seriously, can't I just turn in my portfolio and have them judge me by that alone? Instead I had to do that and in addition write about what experience/object/image has changed my view on life and inspired me to pursue art, a statement of educational intent, and a comparison of two maps. MAPS! [cue the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song stuck in my head] But really, why not two artworks or photographs or something. I applied for the design degree and the studio art degree which are two separate applications and had me working double time.

And after all of that is said and done, I am contemplating getting a degree in Apparel Design. Which I actually can claim because I am in the Natural Sciences school already. And the only things I would need take care of would be textiles, chemistry, government, and biology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you my tacky floral coat. I got it at a thrift store a while ago and thought that it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Apparently my fashion sense is questionable because everyone else who has seen it thinks it is simply atrocious, tacky, loud, etc. People who know me chalk it up as one of those weird things I inexplicably find awesome. People who don't know me give me stares and whispers. Seriously, I wore it to class once and I could hear other girls giggling. I have solidified my place as the tacky-flower-jacket-girl. YES.

I got my new black shirt dress in, its great. I wanted it in green, but black was the only color left in my size. Its the only shirt dress I have found that doesn't look like a shapeless sack on me.

I am the master of taking pictures with half my face covered. And I liked my purple suede clutch.

'Till next time bloggers!