Blogger Sketch Sunday [Life in Travel]




Hello there! Welcome to the Twelfth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Each week I like to post a few doodles of bloggers that inspire me. This week's edition features Hanh of Life in Travel whose blog is located in Dallas, TX.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-As her blog name would imply, Hanh's blog displays gorgeous photos from all over the world of sites I could only dream of seeing one day. Looking through her blog is my portal to the outside world beyond my modest college town horizons. I'm determined one day to visit at least a fourth of the places she has seen and documented on her blog.
-I could only wish to have style as fearless at Hanh when I grow up. Most people in society think that when you are a mother of two you can't dress very stylishly or bold, but Hanh breaks the mold. I think those types of rules are outdated, enforced only by other women who are jealous and just don't want others to shine. And Hanh, with her edgy black dresses, killer shoes, and fierce leggings, definitely shines.
-Speaking of her two daughters, they are absolutely adorable! I mean seriously, I'm not a huge fan of children (even though they seem to love me, probably because they think I'm one of them due to my height) but Hanh's two girls are just too cute. They definitely inherited their mother's unique, savvy sense of style.

If you've never seen her blog, you must go check it out. I've posted the link to it where I named her blog above.

I considered not having a Blogger Sketch Sunday this week due to all of the recent events that have been happening in my life and due to the fact that today, August 22 I turn 21. Yep. Its my BIRTHDAY today! I'd be really excited about my age if I hadn't been mistaken for a 12 year old last week.

Usually I am over focused on material things this time of year, but my lack of money and current situations has led me to a kind of apathetic feeling towards buying things now. This year all I'm wishing for is a day with my family and friends and a fast recovery for someone very much loved.



  1. LOVE this sketch!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :D :D I'm sure you'll have a great day! :D

  2. Well, thanks to you I've just discovered an awesome new blog. Great sketches, as always =)

    And most importantly, happy birthday!

  3. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear!! 21 is kind of exciting. No need for fancy parties, just spend a little QT with anyone who makes you happy. You deserve it.

    And I totally hadn't realized Hanh has her own blog! I'm familiar with her through Nini's Style, and am totally in awe of her style. I'll def check the blog out!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope you had a fantabulous day!!!!!
    I love Life in Travel!!! Your sketches of Hahn are amazing!!!!

  5. such amazing drawing as usual.

    And happy birthday!! I hope that your day is really special x

    Also - I've awarded you the inspiring bloggers award on my blog :)


  6. Happy birthday :)
    I hope you had a fun celebration!
    And lovely sketches as always. I read Hanh's blog on a regular basis too!


  7. happy birthday! these drawings are amazing! you're super talented, are these just for fun? you should definitely start professionally (if you haven't already) :)


  8. happy birthday! hope it was awesome.. love the sketches!

  9. What a lovely sketch of Hanh, she is really elegant and stylish :)

    You sketch beautifully by the way <3

  10. Happy Birthday! Ha ha I totally know how you feel. I get mistaken for a high school student daily...and it sucks. I love all of these sketches. So great!


  11. Your sketches are amazing! I really don't know how you give the perfect idea of blogger face without expression of eyes, lips and nose.

  12. Your sketches are fantastic!! I especially like the 2nd one you did of that Ann D belt. She's definitely one of my favorite blogs to check out. :)


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