Animations: the park, a tire, and talking eggs

Now I understand that many readers probably look at the buttons on my sidebar and aren't confused about any of them except for the last one. After all, being passionate about fashion, food, and art frequently come together. Animation however, not so much. But computer animation is my major and what I spend all of my energy, not to mention all-nighters at the computer lab, working on. Fashion is something I think about at the back of my mind most of the time, but animation is where all of my efforts are being put into.

This post probably seems disjointed from the rest of my blog, but I thought I'd share a few of the animations I have made in my last studio course.

Drawing from Experiences
This video was made for an assignment requiring us to portray a haiku we wrote about this park behind the library on campus. I used a series of stop-motion photos of myself drawing on paper and a few video clips from the park to create it. The notion of the video is that I am imagining a world and creating it with my own two hands (and a pen!). It was put together using Adobe After Effects and the biggest challenge with it was getting the illustrations to match the images of the video clips.

Tire Retirement
This video portrays the story of a tire named Frank who works on an 18-wheeler and wishes to retire someday. He comes across some misfortune when the truck runs over a nail and he is thrown into a garbage dump. But his dream comes true when a little girl discovers him and turns him into a tire swing. This is the most complicated 3D animation I have worked on, it was done in Blender which is not quite my forte. The most challenging part was getting the girl's dress to 'bake' and flow like natural fabric (which is barely seen anyway).

Fame and Eggs
Random title right? This was probably the most fun I've had working on a project. As you see, I have this liking of giving inanimate objects life. The video tracks a carton of eggs on their quest for fame. The eggs few being made into a sunny-side-up eggs as the ultimate stardom (something on par with getting the lead role in a blockbuster movie) and being made into a cookie as the worst (something like being an extra in a straight-to-DVD movie). This entire video was done in stop-motion with thousands of individual photos. The most challenging part was lip syncing the mouths drawn on the eggs to the audio recorded.

In the highly off chance that anybody actually watches even one of these videos, I thank you for your time and interest. Its not an outfit post, a recipe, or a drawing, but these took me many hours and degrees of my sanity to create. Thanks for watching!



  1. These are great!!!!!
    I've never used blender, for all our 3D stuff in design we used Maya (NASTY!)
    And yay After Effects!!!
    The egg one is so funny, haha I love Jimmy's face

  2. I watched them all and I really enjoyed them :) The 'Tire Retirement' is especially sweet in my opinion. I love how you take an 'insignificant' object and turn into the centre of attention and tell their story. I don't know if it's your intention, or if it just happens subconsciously, but your stories are something like a children's book - delightful, simple and full of with little moral messages.

    I'd take the chance to say I LOVE your fashion drawings as well :D

  3. love Love LOVE the egg animation! Its so cute!

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  5. Oh my goodness, you are extremely talented! Every time I look at one of your drawings, it makes me wish I could draw in the slightest degree as well as you do.

  6. I loved all your videos they're so good I could never do anything like that you have so much talent =) those cookies in the last video looked so yummy =)

  7. WOW,,, your drawings are so pretty its cool to see talent like that
    xoxo Autumn renee

  8. did you have to use a different egg every time you took a picture because you had to draw it each time? or did you paint it over with white and redraw???


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