Blogger Sketch Sunday [Le Blog de Betty]



Hey there everyone! Welcome to the Eighteenth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Every week I like to post a few ballpoint pen sketches of bloggers that inspire me (which I draw in class when I'm not paying attention to the lecture). At least I'm staying awake this way. This week's edition features a French blogger, Betty from Le Blog de Betty.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-This girl is so naturally gorgeous. No obvious make up or elaborate hairstyle needed. It must be a French thing, I swear. Shes got simple long dark hair with softly blunt bangs, but it looks so much more striking on her than anyone else I've ever seen. And shes got a great smile that she uses frequently. Many other bloggers never crack a smile, I guess to look fashionably miserable.
-Betty definitely has a quirk to her style. She works some really risky unique pieces but she makes it look so easy. A lot of her clothing would come off over-the-top on someone else, but she wears it with such an ease it looks effortless. No one else can pull off gathered-waist trouser pants, metallic zebra print booties, or black mesh bodysuits like this girl can.
-Seriously, I think Betty should be a stylist. If she isn't already one. I love the way she puts together her outfits. The proportions and the textures in each ensemble are perfect. I noticed this fact when I was sketching, it made it much more interesting to draw. I would let her style me any day.

So if you've never come across her blog you definitely should. I posted the link where I named it above.

I got this amazing email from Katie of Desire Designer the other day. She turned the tables on me and did a '3 Reason's I love this blog' about my blog. I am really grateful for her kind words. I would have never thought anyone really read my Blogger Sketch Sunday's, but she gives me inspiration to keep going with it. Thanks again Katie!



  1. I always look forward to your blogger sketch posts :) and you always pick bloggers who I love too! I agree with your reasons for loving Le Blog de Betty. Her style is one of a kind and so quirky! Great sketches once again!


  2. I love Betty, her style is just amazing and these sketches are gorgeous!!

  3. I love Betty! she is soo gorgeous, and your sketches totally capture her! :D
    I think she is a stylist, but I'm not sure XD :D

  4. Where did you learnt to draw like this? I love how you draw! You are so talented!


  5. These sketches are beautiful. My favourite is the first one. I haven't seen the actual outfit, but the sketch is so detailed! Amazing, you are very talented!

  6. Wow amazing!
    &Thanks for your lovely comments at my blog!

  7. I love these sketches Le Blg de Betty is on my faves list for sure!!! Thank you for posting Psalms 91 it's one of my favorite bible verses, that I have memorized, I was so glad to see it =)

  8. no problem girl, keep up the good work ;) and thanks for the shout out.


  9. I absolutely adore her blog, she has such fantastic style. Your drawings are gorgeous as always!


  10. what a great idea! beautiful sketches!



  11. ..i love your blog..
    new follower


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