Blogger Sketch Sunday [LeeseLooks]



Hey you guys! Its the Twenty-first edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Every week I like to post a few drawings from my sketchbook of bloggers who inspire me. This week's edition features Lisa of LeeseLooks whose blog has moved from South Africa to Brooklyn since I've become an avid reader.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Sometimes I forget that bloggers are real people. Funny right? Since blogs are supposed to be the way REAL people communicate their opinions to the world. Lisa's blog however reminds me that bloggers go through transitions and changes in their lives like we all do. She is originally from Canada, lived in South Africa for a few years, and now has moved to New York to pursue a degree at FIT. I love that she accepts the challenges in her life with full force and goes after her dreams.
-Lisa's style is very minimalistic. I really like that her outfits are so simple because the lack of extra details really lets you concentrate on the amazing fit and quality of her pieces. Sharp leather jackets, slim cut skinny jeans, perfectly proportioned heels. This girls closet is full of nothing but stunningly perfect pieces.
-Look at those DYNAMIC poses. Seriously. This blogger is amazing at really putting force and action into her poses of her outfit posts. If the model I had for my life drawing class had even half of the dynamic poses Lisa has, I wouldn't have been so dreadfully bored in that class. I loved drawing Lisa for this post, her poses have really weight and momentum. I love that.

So if you have never seen her blog, you should definately go check it out. Lisa doesn't post as many outfit posts anymore, probably due to school (I know the feeling) but her past outfit archives are worth scrolling back to and I love hearing about her life in fashion school.

Also, hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Watch out for ghosts, ghouls, and skanks in 'costumes' today.
As an extremely wise woman once said:
"I'm a MOUSE, duh!"


PS: This is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY. If you still wish to enter, just tell me about a blogger you think I should feature here on Blogger Sketch Sunday. Comment it here before the end of today!


  1. Love her outfits! The sketches are great as always!


  2. aww.. adorable!

  3. RACH!

    I am literally blown AWAY.
    honestly i am speechless.

    and the words you wrote truly touched my heart and soul, and i really mean that.
    the fact that realize how important things are outside the fashion world, and how much humanitarian works means to me, simply is the greatest gift.

    i thank you from the bottom of my heart, and all i can say is you have such a bright future!!! stay true to yourself, and follow your passion with your whole heart... success will be inevitable.

    hope you're having a glorious week and i can't wait to post these ;)



  4. wow! i love your drawings! where are you from? you could visit my blog, I make drawings too.

  5. YAY! I love when you feature bloggers I haven't heard about before. I'm going to blog stalk her now :)

  6. Love these sketches!
    You did an amazing job!

  7. Amazing again!
    I love all your drawings!

  8. so beautiful lovely work you really captured lisa's spirit!

  9. checking out your blog from Leese's, and I just have to say you are very talented! keep up the fantastic work;)

    xx raez

  10. this is so good. this is like watching lisa pose. how great!!!


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