Blogger Sketch Sunday [The Shoe Girl]

Hey there, its the Seventeenth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Each week I like to post a few ballpoint pen sketches from my notebook of bloggers that inspire me. I came across this blog out of no where and had do a post about her. This week features Celine from her crazy awesome blog, The Shoe Girl.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-OMG Shoes. (come on, you know I had to quote this) Seriously thought, what girl wouldn't love a blog completely all about shoes? Celine's blog is all about the shoes and how she wears them. Her blog is like your best friend showing you her awesome closet. Her photos aren't super glamorous and posed, but that's what I love about them. She seems like a real person to me, one who just happens to have a stunning shoe collection.
-Celine is a working girl. Its really refreshing to see a blogger on the web who actually has a career in the fashion industry that her blog didn't come to create. I'm fascinated by her work for Betsy Johnson and her family's lineage in the shoe industry is interesting. I also feel like because she is a part of creating these fabulous shoes, she has a different perspective and appreciation for them. Its like an artist vs an art historian. We all admire shoes, but she knows the hardwork and creative process of building them.
-This blogger is not another one of those how-can-she-afford-all-of-that stuff-and-just-sit-around-taking-pictures-of-herself types. She is pretty open about not being able to afford every shoe that strikes her fancy. I find her honestly with the financial aspect of fashion refreshing. I love all of her shoes so much more because each pair is unique, but not outrageous and because I can see the appreciation she has for them.

If you've never seen her blog, you must go check it out. The link is located where I first named the blog above.

In other news, I've been commissioned to create a blog header for a super gracious woman who was so charismatic over the phone. Her positive energy is super contagious. Anyway, I've spent the last few class lectures drawing out ideas for her header in my sketchbook and thought I'd share my works in progress with you all. Her concept was to showcase the way different girls put their spin on what they wear. So I decided to go with a series of 3 figures wearing one item of clothing, but in 3 different distinctive styles.

I'd like to know which set of 3 figures you like the best. Is it the first one where the pencil skirt is the common element? The second with the blazer? Or the last one with the cargo skinny jeans? Let me know!






  1. Oooh love the sketch of The Shoe Girl, I'll have to check out her blog!!! :D
    And I think I like the first set best for the header! :D

  2. love these sketches!


  3. Love the sketches and love your blog! I'm following it!



  4. I think these sketches are all beautiful, especially love the blazer with the poofy skirt look.

    I like the third set the best of all. It has so much detail and I think it'd look great as a blog header, and very professional! :)

  5. I think the set that includes the blazer is the most unique of them all!

  6. I can't wait to see the header!!! love the middle set of sketches for the header but whatever you do will look so amazingly amazing!!!!! Totally love the shoe girl!!!!!

  7. Love the sketches, love the shoe girl. It's seriously my favorite one-stop-shop for a quick midday shoegasm. Mmm, that sounded dirty.

  8. Again, SO amazing. My fave is the first drawing in the LAST line. Wow.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  9. oh my god, your sketches are breathtaking! :)

  10. WOW! OMG! Your sketches are amazing!
    I love them!
    I'm defenitely gonna follow you!

  11. your sketches are simply beautiful! you have talent girl!!

  12. Thank you SO SO much. You're so talented :)


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