I have never really gotten to decorate my own room before. Like really decorate it. I never saw the fun in it while living at home and now that I'm dorm/student apartment hopping each year it seems like a daunting task. But I will fear no longer. I plan to slowly collect things to decor my room right now until I move into my new apartment sometime next year.

The feel I wanted to go for was Urban Romance. A room that feels rich and luxurious, but is still sleek and edgy. I have fallen in love with the color purple recently so I'm choosing that hue for the base of the room. My love for city landscapes and urban architecture will never cease, so I'm planning on incorporating them into the room. Its all about the juxtaposition of the soft and pretty purple accents against the hard metal structures of cold modernization.

I looked everywhere for a few items I'm planning to collect for the room. The cityscape pillows and shower curtain are from Urban Outfitters. The purple bunched bedspread and the black drawer knob are from Anthropologie. And the modern purple chair and metal cutout chandelier are from CSN stores, which sells everything from coffee tables to Michael Kors bedding to Missoni rugs. I'm giving away a gift card to their stores, so scroll to the bottom of this post to see how to win!
When I think about things that inspire me, my mind automatically goes to art and fashion. Perhaps is the long lectures in my History of Modern art class that have got me focused on urbanization. Also, all of the purple artworks above are lesser known works of Andy Warhol. As for fashion, I've always considered a purple Chanel 2.55 as the ultimate accessory to have someday. Black is usually preferred, but purple can be just as versatile. The runway inspirations are from past seasons of Oscar De La Renta and Versace.

My end result hopefully will resemble Blair's dorm room at NYU from season 3. I still have the portrait I painted of Audrey Hepburn from [this] post so it should work out well when I finish.


Okay! Now that I'm done prattling on, now its time for the GIVEAWAY instructions. I was approached by CSN stores to hold a giveaway for a $35 gift card that is valid on any of their online stores. The gift card will actually be a code that they will email to winner of the giveaway to use online.

Giveaway Rules and Instructions:

-Giveaway starts October 13, 2010 and ends on Halloween, October 31, 2010. Any entries after that will not be considered.

-To enter I won't make you follow me or promote my blog on yours. Simply just comment on this post with your name and a blog you think I should feature on Blogger Sketch Sunday. I would love to find new bloggers to sketch, the fashion blogging world is so vast.

-Please do not enter your own blog as the blog you think should be featured. And please introduce me to a blog that I don't know or haven't featured on Blogger Sketch Sunday already!

-I will put all the entries in a drawing and randomly pick a winner. Once you've won I will ask you for your email address and send it to the CSN representative.

-I'm not restricting my giveaway, but CSN stores only ships orders to US and Canada. Also they charge Canadian orders with international shipping. So watch out before you decide to enter.

Alright! There you go! I hope to discover many new blogs you guys already love that I have never come across. Thanks again and good luck!



  1. Ooh how fun!!
    Hmmm....I would say sketch Flashes of Style, I love her looks :D
    (P.s. I want that purple chanel bag!!!)

  2. Great giveaway! One of my favorite blogs is Taylor Sterling's of sterlingstlye.net. Another new favorite blog of mine is Lucy Laucht of lucylaucht.com. Both ladies have impeccable style and I think you'd love their blogs!


  3. I love this!!! I think you should do Jemina of jeminajakin.com she has such daring style and is as sweet as pie =)

  4. That was stupid, I didn't put her url XD

  5. LOVE LOVE your aesthetic!!
    You have a great eye and I love all the images you pulled!
    So happy I stumbled upon your blog!! : )


    our store's main website:


  6. A couple blogs I think you should feature on Blogger Sketch Sunday:

    Sandra of 5 inch and up (http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/)
    Lily of Bleed For Fashion (http://www.bleedforfashion.com/)
    Raez of CHEAP THRILLS (http://www.cheapthrillsss.com/)
    Jess of Jess Loves Fred
    Anjelica of Mode Junkie (http://modejunkie.blogspot.com/)
    Jess of Wild Tortoise (http://wildtortoise.blogspot.com/)

    Haha, I know I mentioned quite a few but I love all your blogger sketches and I would love to see you sketch some of these girls.

  7. Yay! I love this game! I think you should check out my friend Shannon's blog at Dirty Hair Halo (http://seekingdirtyhairhalo.blogspot.com/) She's totally my bohemian style icon ;)

  8. Okay, more blogger suggestions (don't treat this an entry to the contest):

    Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit (http://thehautepursuit.com/)
    Yiota & Thessy of .sabo skirt. (http://saboskirt.blogspot.com/)
    Lulu of Lulu and Your Mom (http://luluandyourmom.blogspot.com/)
    Tieka of Selective Potential (http://selectivepotential.blogspot.com/)

    Also, thought I'd mention some extremely well styled boys, in case you ever wanna switch it up:

    Alan of Unconventional Morning (http://unconventionalmorning.blogspot.com/)
    Peter of The Starving Stylist (http://www.thestarvingstylist.com)

    I'm gonna stop harassing you with suggestions now =P

  9. Great giveaway!! :)
    I love all the items :)

  10. http://crochetingingeorgia.blogspot.com/
    This is a link to a blog called crocheting in Georgia and I would love for you to feature Doris on your blog.Doris is a wonderful person and such a thoughtful blogger.To know her is to love her.Please go and see Doris even if she is not chosen,everyone should be a friend to Doris

  11. Hey girlfriend,

    It's Katie of www.desiredesigner.blogspot.com! Thanks for linking me to your blog.

    If you have not seen Sea of Shoes you are missing out......... She has a head of gorgeous red hair, fabulous fashion sense, great pictures!, a fun blog and everything she wears is vintage or designer.


  12. You should feature Beth Jones of bjonesstyle.wordpress.com she is amazing at balancing outfits with the right amount of vintage and modern. And coolest of all she just published a daily fashion planner called Stylit to help plan outfits and stay organized. I bought one for myself and love it!

  13. Maria of Vanillascented (http://vanillascented.freshnet.se/) She has a super clean and simple style.

    And this isn't quite the same, but The Sartorialist photographs people on the street, and I'm always inspired to draw the people in his photos. Maybe you will be too! (http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/)

    Just found your blog from The Shoe Girl, but I'm adding you to my fashion list! You're great. And I love this urban romantic feeling you are going for.


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