30 for 30 Challenge


So as usual, I am late on this post as I am for everything else in my life. If you have ever come across Austin, Texas blogger, Kendi's blog Kendi Everyday, you know about the 30 for 30 challenge. Basically the point of the challenge is to take 30 items from your closet and remix them into 30 different outfits. Now of course, if you are my boyfriend, you can't believe girls actually have more than 30 items in their closet, let alone consider it a challenge to restrain themselves to this limited number of items for 30 days. I've been a reader of Kendi's blog for a really long time and this is the third time she has held the 30 for 30 challenge. This time, I had to be a part of the 337 awesome bloggers who have chosen to experience this challenge for 3 reasons:

Reason 1: Financial stability
Another restraint of Kendi's challenge is that you are not allowed to buy new clothing for 30 days. Again, if you are my boyfriend, you can't understand how not shopping for 30 days is in any way painful. I just needed a good excuse to hold myself back from buying anything until the holidays are here. My goal is to stop spending on myself so that I can afford to buy awesome Christmas gifts for everyone on my list this year and if I have any money left over, invest in a nice winter coat for myself.

Reason 2: Return of the Outfit post
I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't had an outfit post on my blog in a really long time. With school and my hectic schedule, I'm lucky if I make it to school showered and on time, let alone well dressed. Consider it part of being an animation major, I constantly lack sleep and coordination. But with this challenge I hope to get a good dose of all the outfit posts I've been holding back on these past months. After all this time, I'm sure you've forgotten what I even really look like by now.

Reason 3: Learning to live with less
Obviously this is the main point of the challenge and a very good point at that. Since I'm planning on going to Germany next semester, I need to learn to put together many creative outfits with a limited amount of items. I really don't want to look like an typical American exchange student in Europe, but I can't fly my whole wardrobe over there either.

So hear they are. My 30 items. I would have done a really cool collage with photographs of my 30 items, but I have just been so behind on schoolwork lately. Hope this list will suffice. I won't be able to post as frequently as Kendi, but have a little patience with me. And if any of you other 336 bloggers out there who are taking this challenge as well come by, I welcome and will gladly reciprocate any comments! To us and to next 30 days!


My 30 Items:

1. Brown motorcycle leather jacket [Hollister]
2. Black cropped leather jacket [Silence and Noise -thrifted]
3. Brown quilted leather jacket [Express]
4. Black motorcycle jacket [Wet Seal]
5. Black fur trimmed blazer [Elizabeth and James -thrifted]
6. Gray Peacoat [Charlotte Russe]
7. Olive green blazer [thrifted]
8. Navy blazer [thrifted]

9. White T-shirt [Target]
10. Black T-shirt [Target]
11. Gray T-shirt [Target]
12. Gray Audrey Hepburn shirt [Forever21]
13. Black one-shouldered top [Forever21]
14. Black studded top [Forever21]

15. Navy band cardigan [Forever21]
16. Long black and white cardigan [Forever21]
17. Yellow hoodie [Target]

18: Blue jeggings [Macy's]
19: Blue wide-legged jeans [Express -thrifted]
20: Black skinny jeans [Forever21]

21: Purple lace skirt [Forever21]
22. Paint stroke full skirt [Forever21]
23. Paint stroke pencil skirt [Forever21]

24. Floral shirt-dress [Forever21]
25: Pearl black dress [thrifted]

26: Black stiletto heels [Plato's Closet -thrifted]
27: White wedges [Charlotte Russe]
28: Metallic gladiator heels [Simply Vera -Kohls]
29: Black gladiator wedges [Forever21]
30: Black slouchy boots [Target]