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[leather jacket: Express, shirt: Target, jeans: Forever21, wedges: Charlotte Russe, purse: Target, cloche hat: Kohl's]

I have come to the conclusion that my closet just isn't cutting it. I mean really. Since I've started the 30 for 30 challenge I haven't been able to go shopping. And because I haven't been blindly buying random articles of clothing left and right, I've started to think about the pieces that would be worth the while to wait for. I mean those quality 'it' pieces that really define your style and elevate the rest of your wardrobe. I need more of that.

Anne Hathaway said in a recent interview that you can't rush a good wardrobe. There can't be any artificiality to your style. So I'll just have to wait and wait until the right pieces come to me. Since I can't shop right now, its the perfect time to clear my head about what I really want in my closet. Here is the list I've made so far.

'It' pieces needed:
-A pair of nude heels to go with everything
-A classic military inspired coat in navy or army green
-A leather motorcycle jacket with ALL the bells and whistles
-A chunky knit gray scarf to prepare for winter
-A sick pair of black ankle booties

I consider the brown leather jacket I have on here in outfit number eight to be one of my current 'it' pieces. Its tough but more sophisticated than your average leather jacket. Its got great knit panels in the sides for movement and some quilting detail in the shoulders for interest. Tell me, what are your 'it' pieces that you rely on to pull your outfit together? What items are on your wishlist that would help identify your style?



  1. love the jacket and your bag is great! hmm, pieces that i always love to have is a great jacket and boots, and a bag...those pieces are so versatile and can easily transform any outfit!

    Fashion Bag 411

  2. Cute! I have been meaning to go to downtown Bryan to take some outfit pictures, it makes for a lovely background!

  3. omg, this leather jacket is definitely an "it" piece and i'm so glad i recently added it to my wardrobe!! i really love the cute hat and leopard purse that you added to this outfit. accessories are really key when remixing outfits, i've learned. and you're doing really well in your remixing so far!


  4. those are really pretty items i wont mind having either. anne is a genius.

    i love that you've referenced so many of my favorite people: kristen stewart and dakota, anne hathaway now. you are my soul sister!

    also, you look chic as always. love the jacket!

  5. I LOVE that jacket, and I can't believe it's from Express! and I'm so mad that they only have it in XXS online.

    I wish I had an 'it' piece, but I seriously can't think of anything. :(

  6. Your shoes are so unexpected and lovely with this outfit!! I've been inspired...thanks! :)

  7. I agree with all of your "it" pieces. In fact, they are all on my wish list. That is a great jacket, and I love it paired with the black pants.
    No Guilt Fashion


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