Blogger Sketch Sunday [Simply Hope]



Hey guys! Its the Twenty-fifth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Every week I like to post sketches of bloggers that inspire me. This week's post features Hope of Simply Hope whose blog is located in Texas.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Can you believe this girl is only 15? Seriously. When I was 15, I was decked out in Hot Topic attire and thought that Tommy Hilfiger was couture. This girl has an amazing sense of style. The way she puts together outfits is incredible. If she dresses like this when she is this young, she is going to be a fashion icon by the time she's 18.
-What do I admire about Hope's style so much do you ask? I love that she takes accessible items and puts them together in a way that looks so high end. Most of the items in her closet you could probably go out and buy yourself, but you wouldn't be able to style it like she can. Hope knows how to take simple pieces and make them look really fashion forward.
-This blogger also addresses the idea that the extremely fashion forward do not always fit in in everyday society. And that she puts on a brave face in the name of fashion. In high school I used think the most popular people were the most stylish, but now I look back and realize it was the outcasts that had it right all along. I feel like the blogging community is the place where all outcasts can band together and shine.

So if you've never come across her blog, you should definitely go check it out for yourself. I posted the link to it where I named the blog above.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my Gosh!!! This post really made my day! You are too sweet:) Thank you Thank you Thank you! Also these sketches are Ahhhhmazing!

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog about my room decor. Also, I really enjoy these sketches! Simply Hope is an amazing blog and you do really great work!


  3. i wish i were a paper doll cause i wanna wear all of those shoes! well done dvrling ;)


  4. You are so right about the outcasts in HS - in HS the popular kids all wore the same exact thing. It was like a uniform or something. The people who dared to stand out were riduculed. Now we're the ones who the popular kids of yesteryear look to when they want to be 'edgy'. LOL

  5. gosh these sketches are amazing, I really love them. Hope is such a lovely blogger girl :)
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Right on. I just discovered both of your blogs today (yours through hers) and her sense of style is amazing - she looks fantastic! And your drawings ain't half bad either missy - quite the talented duo! xx

  7. These drawings are amazing, found you through Simply Hope, Great blog!:) x


  8. That's a very cool idea. Thanks for sharing these, and drop by me to when you have time. I also love your header btw.


  9. I found your blog via kendi everyday, and your outfits are so cute, and so anthro! My sister, friend and I are starting our own little 30 for 30 starting in January. I hope I can make it like the rest of you!

    xox, Stephanie

    www.stephanieandsuch.blogspot.com (if you want to follow my outfits, I would def love some feedback!)

  10. your sketches are so freakin amazing! LOVE.

  11. These drawings are soo great! Goodness, what talent. I am absolutely awful at fashion sketches. I can doodle cute sketches of cats or something, but thats about the extent of my artistic abilities. True talent like this amazes me :) And her style looks amazing! I am checking her out right now.

  12. hey Rach!

    Good to find your blog! What a creative idea to do real sketches of bloggers. Some talent you got there.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  13. wow i saw these on her blog and i was amazed! these are so good, your so talented!

    love your style too <3



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