A Day in the Life of a Fairy




Its a little late for a Halloween costume post, but better late than never, I suppose. This Halloween, like last year, I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival with a group of classmates in my major. Ren Faire is always an interesting place to be. Its amazing what an escape from reality it is. What with everyone in costumes and acting in character all the time. While I did see a few women painfully strapped into elaborate corsets and a lady far to old to be dancing in just a chain-mail bikini, an adorable random little girl gave me a 'dragon tear'. It was definitely worth it. Last year I went as a gypsy, meaning I threw together a few long skirts and chain jewelry.

This year however, I tried to be a little more cohesive and made myself a fairy costume. I was inspired by what seems to be the most well known Ren Faire fairy of them all, Twig the Fairy. I didn't have the dress and boots down like she does, but I attempted to make a headdress and wings on par with her's. The headdress is made of 3 stems of flowers I got at the craft store. I ripped all the leaves and flowers off and used wire to string them into a halo. A squash and a few berries came with one of the stems so those was included as well. The wings unfortunately I never got a good picture of, but I made them from 4 clothes hangers and a old 90's prom dress that I tore up.

I would also like to announce the winner of the giveaway I posted for CSN stores. I put all of the names of the commenters that suggested a blogger they thought I should sketch into a drawing. The winner of the drawing is PancakeSTACKER, congratulations! I have already given the CSN representative the winner's email address and they should have sent a message with a $30 discount code from their website.

Congratulations again!


  1. Your costume is lovely! I especially love the head piece.

  2. I just got home and checked my email! Thanks so much :) My first blog win! How exciting!! I can't wait to see all of the great sketches you'll be coming up with! Thanks again!!


  3. Its really cute I agree..Lovely photograph

  4. This is absolutely adorable! I just stumbled upon your blog and lovelovelove it :) So creative and perfectly girly <3

    PS- Lovin' that lip colour in the bottom picture!


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