The Lemon Wedge


Some time ago, Brandon and I checked out this small local restaurant in downtown Bryan called The Lemon Wedge. It had a pretty cute atmosphere with stylized paintings of lemons all over the walls. We ordered a House salad, stuffed mushrooms, their Green Chicken dinner, and a piece of Mississippi Mud Pie. The House salad came arranged in the most creatively wrapped up package and included really fresh vegetables. The stuffed mushrooms were cute and small, but packed a huge pow of flavor. And the Green Chicken dinner included a well portioned serving of chicken with basil baked on top with corn pudding and vegetables on the side. The dessert is always my favorite part of a meal, and their Mississippi Mud Pie is no exception. Although I'm not a huge fan of the coconut inside, the marshmallows and the amazing tasting whipped cream on top more than made up for it.

Alright guys, I really have been neglecting my blog as of late. And I realize what a bad blogger offense this is. But its just that time of year. My finals just wrapped up and I'm in the process of moving out/going back home/getting ready to live in Germany/starting up a few new commissions. So as you can see, my life is about as organized as my currently half-packed, half-moved-out room. Which is a mess by the way.

So I must apologize for the missed Blogger Sketch Sunday this past week. I feel terrible for missing the first week in half a year that I've been doing this. Its incredible that I've been keeping up with one thing for so long. I will try to have one up tomorrow. I will say now, that it isn't for a lack of sketches, that I am behind. My scanner doesn't work with my new macbook and my old dell is about as useful as a plank of wood right now. Hopefully I can find a way to post tomorrow though.

And I, late as usual, am responding to a '7 Things About Me' post that Bea & Ben tagged me in a few weeks ago. Thanks Sofia! Here is my list...

7 Things About Me:

-I love mugs. Every shape. Every color. Every style. There is just something to the weight of a ceramic handle under my fingers that make me feel at ease. I swear, they have those eco-friendly re-useable ceramic coffee cups, they need to make a portable top for my mugs so I can carry them wherever I go without spilling everywhere.

-My favorite movie as a kid was The Lion King. I remember going to my babysitter's house and The Lion King on video cassette with a can of sprite would be offered to me everyday. Most likely because my babysitter knew I would be occupied enough with these two things no matter how many times I was given both. I was probably the easiest kid to babysit ever.

-The thing about Christmas that I like the most is giving gifts. Okay, it sounds cheesy, but it is true. I don't obsessively plan for months ahead what I will give each and every person. But over long periods of time I will casually bookmark things I see online that someone I know would love or jot down ideas for a craft project that someone I know would appreciate. I may not always hit my target, but I usually give gifts that really suit the receiver. The 'perfect gift' is NOT about spending the most money at all. The 'perfect gift' is something useful, but not needed; indulgent, but not frivolous. People usually never give me gifts that I would want. I get more excited looking at a pile of gifts I've just finished wrapping, ready to be given away, than looking at the gifts meant for me under my Christmas tree. Usually with the gifts meant for me, I dread what ill-fitting sweater, origami calendar, or loud pink plaid beach bag lies underneath those green and red wrappings.

-My favorite ice cream flavor is Pistachio. I don't know exactly why. I used to be appalled by the flavor as a little kid. But now there is something about that subtle sweet factor that I love so much.

-I own around 10 leather jackets. And that is after purging my closet of the ones I don't wear so much. I don't know why I am addicted to them, but I can't seem to get enough of them. I have so many already and yet they still catch my eye in every store I find them in. My collection spans different styles, cuts, colors, and textures, but I am still keeping an eye out for that ultimate leather jacket that will complete my collection. Call it an obsession I guess.

-Rachel is not my real name. I mean, its my legal middle name, so its not some arbitrary name that I go by. But its not my real name. And I feel that my actual name and 'Rachel' don't really suit me. I'm not sure what name would suit me, but I've never felt like either of these two names fit who I am. Not that I know who I am. Perhaps when I do, I'll choose a name that suits me perfectly and go by that.



  1. Rach! Thanks for commenting! I am going to have so much fun reading through your blog. And that animation is charming. I had a 2-d animation class once and almost went blind. So cheers to you!

  2. Oh that food made me super hungry... it looks so delicious!!!

    I love pistachio ice cream, and I totally understand your excitement at giving gifts... although I definitely don't mind receiving either! Haha... happy holidays!

  3. the food looks so good ^^ I like the pictures you took of it! It makes me so hungry

  4. I love to know 7 "secrets" about you". :D

  5. i'm following you!
    loving your blog, and i'll be back for sure!
    have a merry christmas and happy holiday!
    and come visit COSMICaroline for some more holiday cheer!!


  6. Oh.my.god. Those dishes from the Lemon Wedge look amazing. Of course now I have to go run off and eat something!

    Interesting about your name, too. I know a few people who go by their middle names, but there's nothing wrong with changing your name altogether. Hope you find something you feel works. Merry Christmas.



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