Blogger Sketch Sunday [Sterling Style]



Hey there bloggers! Blogger Sketch Sunday is now back in business! This is the Twenty-Seventh edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday. This week's post features Taylor of Sterling Style whose blog is located in California.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Alright so Taylor's blog is the perfect choice for my first feature of 2011. I along with probably 90% of the American population, I have made a New Years Resolution to get back in shape. For all the emphasis on appearances in fashion blogs, Taylor's blog is the only one to actually testify working out to look good. (Look at those Crossfit-toned legs!) I admire her enthusiasm and drive for staying fit. Its refreshing to see a blogger who is upfront and proud of her workout routine instead of falling back on the "I'm-naturally-this-thin-and-gorgeous-and-I-can-eat-whatever-I-want" excuse. She makes me believe that perseverance and hard work will pay off. Now to go find my old running shoes...
-Despite what I said in the reason above, I am pretty sure that Taylor really is just-that-naturally-gorgeous. I would describe this blogger's style as a balance between the sharp prep-ster look of J.Crew and the lavish girly-ness of Carrie Bradshaw. Her wardrobe is full of preppy basics like good layering cardigans, crisp classic trench-coats, and simple button down shirts. These act as a good baseline for the frilly clutches, huge pink flowers, feminine ruffled dresses, and teeny floral prints she uses to punch it up. Her outfits are always clean and classic with a little something extra to make it spectacular.
-I love that this blogger is honest about her blog's success. Her blog has gotten much recognition, attracted many followers, and she has gotten quite a few features. But Taylor still remembers when it wasn't all so easy. Her advice about being patient for your blog to grow and succeed is valuable to any blogger on the web today. She is right that blogging needs to be an expression of your personal passions and points of view, not some campaign to get famous.

If you've never come across her blog, which I seriously doubt, you should go check it out for yourself. I've located the link at the top where I first named her blog.

Thanks for reading bloggers!
Hope you all had a great start to 2011!


  1. She has an amazing body and i really admire the fact that she works so hard to keep it in good shape.Wish i were so assiduous...
    And your drawings are great, as usual.I love them!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥


  2. Taylor's blog is one of my absolute favorites! I'm so glad you did a Sunday Sketch on her. How was your NYE?? I hope it was a blast! Happy 2011 :)


  3. these sketches are beautiful - as per norm (and proabbyl something i repeat over and over!).

    Am yet to check out her blog, but will do so after your rave review :) happy new year!

  4. I adore Taylor's blog as well... and your sketches are ahmazing :)

    Happy New Year!

    Check out my blog?


  5. Thank you so much! I am so flattered by these sketches and the sweet words. I have such amazing readers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xoxo

  6. omg amazing!! And I totally recognize those outfits!!

  7. Hey just out of curiousity are these in pencil or pen? Or am I totally wrong and these are digital? If they're not digital what'd you use to scan them!?

    When I scan mine my scanner decides to make them look way crazy :(


  8. Taylor is gorgeous and I love her! :) Great illustrations!!!


  9. Taylor is so lovely! I love your sketches of her! Nice work! :)

  10. Luv your sketching style! I am looking for an artist for an upcoming project, so I will keep you in mind, and follow for sure. Im just getting a start to blogging, check me out... Any feedback would be great. Happy 2011!


    ☮ Lisa Ann

  11. Great sketches, love them, and her blog! x

  12. Ahh, I love these sketches. I could tell they were Taylor right away!

  13. Wow, so so so gorgeous! I only wish I could sketch like you, my drawings turn out like stick figures. Badly drawn stick figures. Wish you could draw my blog some day. x


  14. She is so adorable! You did amazing (as always!) sketching her!

  15. Great sketches! It's really hard to pick a favorite. But you've piqued my curiosity. Now I wanna check out her blog.


  16. I really love your drawings, they're amazing!! You have a brilliant talent, do you take requests?


    p.s consider me your new follower!


  17. Wow, I adore your sketches! One of my resolutions this year is to start sketching more and carrying around an "inspiration notebook" where I can just write down or draw anything that comes to mind or catches my eye so I won't forget it later. Hope you've had a wonderful new year! xo



  18. omg these are so beautiful. You are so talented xxx

  19. so gorgeous-love ur sketches :)



  20. wow amazing sketches! i like your drawing style!
    i'm a fan & def a new follower(:

    X zoé - lightningfactory.blogspot.com -


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