Blogger Sketch Sunday [Kendi Everyday]



Hey guys! Its been too long since I've done this. This is the Twenty-eighth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Kendi of Kendi Everyday whose blog is located in Austin, TX.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Kendi has to be the most down to earth fashion blogger out there. She has an amazing sense of humor that keeps you reading her blog for more than just the pictures. I admire her ability to laugh at herself. She posts outtakes from her outfit photo shoots, which always make me feel better. They show me that even gorgeous girls like Kendi have a few funny moments in front of the camera. She is a relief from all of the overly-serious high-fashion photo shoots of other bloggers.
-Her style is a mix of lady-like grace and laid back polish. She either goes full on feminine charm with pencil skirts, detailed blouses, and girly jewelry or sharp masculine with trouser pants, fitted blazers, and sleek heels. Its all about simple versatile pieces with quirky details.
-As one of the members on her last 30 for 30 challenge (at least attempted member, I only got to outfit eleven, for shame) I think her way of remixing items into different outfits is ingenious. Its great to finally see someone in the fashion blogosphere who works with a set amount of reasonably priced items and never fails to look like a million bucks. Kendi proves that your style depends on your brain, not on your wallet. So put away the credit cards and use that noggin to remix a few fabulous new outfits from what you've already got!

If you want a break from the monotonous serious-ness of overly-chic fashion blogs, check out her fun, lively, and stylish blog! I've put the link where I named her blog above.

This is the first Blogger Sketch Sunday I am posting from my new home in Germany. I'll be here for 4 months and a scanner is less accessible for me here. I want to try to keep up my weekly tradition, but it may be too difficult to maintain. But I'll be sure to tell you guys what happens and tune in soon for my first Germany-update post!



  1. Yay! You're back! At least, on the interwebs. Kendi is an awesome blogger and your sketches are fantastic too.

  2. Oh this sketch is just beautiful! I attend art school as a fashion design major and we have to sketch croquis as well, except they are elongated and look like they are starving to death hahaha.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love these!

    Kendi is fabulous, she's seriously my favorite blogger EVER.

    Hope Germany is treating you well!

  4. Hi Rach. Hope you're settling in okay in Germany. Glad you're making time for your art though. It's important. Lovely sketches as usual; I think the last one is my fave. I'll go check out Kendi's blog now.


  5. You are so talented! Gorgeous sketch! I'll go visit her blog now:)


  6. Looks great again!
    Didn't expect anything else from you ^^

  7. Beautiful sketches, as always! And yet another blog I need to go check out!!

  8. Rach! I love these! Thank you so much for sketching these -- they are amazing!

    Hope you are settling in at your new home. :)

  9. Hey doll-- What part of Germany are you in? I spent 8 years there growing up and would love to hear more. Haven't been back since college, though. :)
    I noticed the amazing work you did on Kendi's blog header today, and I wish I'd seen it yesterday because she & her husband met us for lunch and I would've mentioned it for sure! Just fabulous!!!

  10. Hey doll--
    What part of Germany? I spent 8 years there growing up, but I haven't been back since college. Would love to hear more!

    Just saw your amazing work on Kendi's blog header. Wish I'd seen it yesterday because she and her husband met us for lunch and I would've mentioned it for sure! Just fabulous!!!

    P.S. Sorry if this comment goes up twice-- my laptop gave me the spinning beachball of death, so I couldn't tell if it went through or not.

  11. I'm so so in love with them - want some sketches too ♥

    lovely greetz from germany :) ( I'll see u are in germany too at the moment hehe


  12. These are fabulous! I love this! I found you through Kendi's blog and I think you've got a great talent!

  13. you are so so sooo talented! these sketches are lovely


  14. I was about to write, "You are SO SO SO talented" and then I looked up and saw that has obviously already been said. Anyways, you are so inspiring. You just made my day so much better. Maybe someday you can sketch me! I would love it! I'm not a pro fashionista, but I could stare at your sketches all day long! (www.l-and-company.com/blog)

  15. I am loving your sketches, it has helped me with mine. Getting some movement into my forms.I do a sketch book just to practice in and have really enjoyed this blog.


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