Blogger Sketch Sunday [Barbro Andersen]




Hey there bloggers! Its the Thirtieth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Barbro of her self titled blog, Barbro Andersen. Her blog hails all the way from Norway.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Barbro's style can only be described as rocker chick meets wood nymph. She's got a lot of dark moody pieces in her wardrobe, but she still manages to look light and ethereal. Her looks vary from tough biker boots and edgy sequined leggings to long flowing dresses in neutral layers. I've never seen anyone work knits like she can. Sweater ponchos, knit leggings, and crochet shorts may sound granny-ish, but you'll think twice about them after seeing how spectacular she pulls them off.
-The photographs on her blog are beautiful. Her outfit posts aren't your run of the mill fashion blogger's here-I-am-in-my-backyard-trying-to-look-chic pictures. I feel like her photographs are actually stills from a movie. A movie in which she stars as the dark-haired heroine with an air of mystery to her, who lives in a woodsy snow covered wonderland.
-If you read her blog, you'll begin to find out that Barbro doesn't really care about following the latest trends or hottest styles. People like her remind me that fashion isn't about what labels dictate you should wear, but wearing what you feel most represents who you are. Barbro's looks stand out to me because they are her own style and not an exact replication of something I've already seen on the runway. Because as much as I love seeing the newest trends, its refreshing to look inside yourself for inspiration.

If you've never seen her blog, you need to go check it out. I've placed the link where I first named her blog above.

Also if you noticed that I actually didn't have a post on Sunday and this is actually Tuesday that I'm writing this on, I have 2 things to say to that. One: THANK YOU! Because this means you actually read my blog on Sunday to see that my weekly routine is off. Two: Its because of my lack of access to a scanner that makes my posts late. So I'll try to get better at it, but I'd appreciate it if you keep your faith in me and keep checking in on my weekly tradition.


If you have sent me an email requesting or inquiring about commissioning me to make a header for you, I am not ignoring you! I am super happy all of you guys want me to help you out with the look of your blog. But all of you guys together probably add up to a landslide of 20+ new requested commissions and I actually already have 6 commissions going on right now.

So please be patient with me. I HAVE read all of your emails and when I get done with this batch of commissions I will reply to all of them and start a new batch. If you are unsure if you want to wait until then, I plan to post a pricing and general info sheet on my blog soon for you to check out.

Thanks guys!


  1. LOVE these!! Soooo amazing :D :D
    And woohoo for all your commissions! Congrats :)

  2. sound busy with all of your commissions ;) go you!! <3


  3. What marvelous illustrations- you've totally captured her style. Yep. I think Barbro has one of the best blogs out there- her style, her sweetness and her talent. BEST of the BEST.
    She is literally a trend setter, not a follower and in this day of age of copycat fashions, Barbro is a refreshing find in the blogosphere.

    Nice pick.

  4. woww, these are so great! (as usual). i'm glad you're getting so much business! anyway, barbro seems awesome, i'm off to check out her blog! (:

  5. amazing illustration you made!! gosh I really love it! and I love Barbro too!

  6. Your so talented, she is an amazing blogger xx


  7. wow! great sketches, they really capture barbro well, and they look so simple at first sight, but they're really SO great. i'm out of words! :) wow!


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