Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blogger Sketch Sunday [K is for Kani]




Hey bloggers! Its the Thirty-Fourth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Sorry for the 2 week hiatus from my weekly tradition, but I'm back now and better than ever. This week's post features Kani of K is for Kani whose blog is located in Victoria, Australia.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-This girl is the master of vintage fashion. She wears frilly dresses, bold blazers, and girly blouses from decades past while still looking modern and stylish. Some bloggers will mix in a few elements of vintage flair, but Kani goes head to toe vintage and never ceases to look timeless.
-She's creative! Kani has her own etsy store where she sells handmade headbands and hairpins. Her shop is filled with the cute bows, girly lace, and ethereal flowers she sports in the pictures on her blog. She knows that you are your own best advertisement. I'm not quite sure I could pull of such feminine head gear, but seeing how well she wears them is enough to make me want to buy one.
-Perhaps though, the trick to working such cute headbands is to have such awesome hair. Seriously. I love this blogger's side-swept bangs and long layers. Her hairstyle is the perfect balance between cutting edge chic and old fashioned flair.

If you have never found her blog, you should definitely go check it out. I've placed the link to her blog where I first named it above.

Thanks for reading!
Check back soon for next Sunday's featured blogger!


  1. great:)

  2. i love k is for kani!
    i think i only started following her the week before last?
    amazing illustrations as usual!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Beautiful! Checking her blog! :)


  4. She is really cute,i love her style!And your sketch is awesome!


  5. You're so good at capturing the essence of each blogger's style, they way you render their poses is perfect! You can tell who they are immediately :D
    M xo

  6. This is wonderful.
    Beautiful Drawings and Beautiful Outfits :)

    Rainbows and Buttons


  7. I love Kani's style! It is so girly and whimsical:) Great post and drawings!

  8. I love her blog! I've been following her since she first started out. It's great that you did such great drawings of her!

  9. Great sketches as usual - I love K for Kani, she always has such cute but quirky outfits :)

  10. you are an amazingly talented artist.

  11. I knew exactly which blogger it was without reading the title! You are so incredibly talented. (Are you getting tired of hearing that yet?)

  12. Hey
    I find out right now your blog from Kani's FB!
    I totally love your drawings..
    They are super amazing!! =P
    Compliments.. you are a very good artist!! :)

    I follow you! :)

    Have a nice day!! :)
    Bye Bye


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