Blogger Sketch Sunday [FashionHippieLoves]



Hey there bloggers! Its the Thirty-third edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! These week's post features Anni of FashionHippieLoves whose blog is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-I really been wanting to feature a German blogger during my time in Germany. I feel that Anni's style is the epitome of the street style I see around here. She wears basics like cargo skinny jeans or black leggings with crisp blouses and then spices them up by throwing a leather jacket or fur coat on top. Her outfits are made in simple well fitted layers that keep her warm in this cold German weather while still looking chic.
-This blogger has simple clothes, but her accessories do quite the talking. Anni also always works versatile pieces such as black ray-bans, crochet berets, and tan saddle bags with every look. But every now and then a wild leopard print scarf, bold Moschino belt, or unique metal jewelry adds something extra special to her outfits.
-Anni's wardrobe palette tends to revolve around colors such as black, olive green, gray and cream. While that may seem like a tame color scheme, this blogger uses these colors to look put together and stylish. Her outfits never look garish or make her appear to be trying too hard. She proves that its not about all the bright colors and overwhelming patterns, but the simple art of dressing well.

If you haven't seen her blog, you need to check it out. I posted the link where I first named her blog above.

Thanks for reading!


  1. woooooooow! amazing <3

  2. I follow this girl, she have great style

    Amazing draws, always


  3. Fabulous, I love Sundays because of your blogger sketches! It's so fun to find a new blog and I totally love your sketches! My favorite is the second one with the glasses :) Looking forward to seeing more!


  4. i seriously wish i can draw like you ahaa!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. I don't know what's more amazing, your drawing or her style. Absolutely stunning, you let me with my mouth opened everytime you post a sketch.


  6. awwww thank you so so so much!!!
    You're so talented!!!


  7. i follow this blogger too, you have featured a lot of the bloggers i follow and you are descriptions are so right on!!! i love ur sketches!!!


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