Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blogger Sketch Sunday [Brooklyn Blonde]

brooklynblonde1 WM

brooklynblonde2 WM

brooklynblonde3 WM

Hello bloggers! Its the Thirty-eighth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's edition features Helena of Brooklyn Blonde, whose blog as you can guess from its name, is located in Brooklyn, New York. 

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Helena's style is urban edgy chic. Her wardrobe is the combination of downtown attitude meets rockstar glam meets flawless fashionista. She pairs fearless black leather leggings with a classic trench. A motorcycle jacket with a light sundress. And a rough cargo jacket with soft pastel-colored skinnies. This girl knows how to mix and match trends and still maintain the perfect balance.
-This blogger's style staples are her endless collection of sleek blazers, her Balenciaga moto-handbags in a range of colors, and those gorgeous nude pointed-toe Christian Louboutins. Everyone has their go-to fashion fixes and Helena's make for a chic combination. I hope to have a set of dependable staples of my own in my closet someday. Currently I'm stuck with over ten leather jackets and more random jewelry than a street vendor.
-While she does have her staples, Helena doesn't stick to one trend alone. I like bloggers who know how to vary their look up from time to time. She will go pretty in pastels on day, all nautical the next, and back to glam rocker the day after. Her wardrobe has those power punch pieces like her bold fur vest, bright neon pink or yellow blazers, and a pair of gorgeous red leather gloves. Its all about the simple single pieces that bring her wardrobe to the next level.

If you've never come across her blog, you need to go check it out. I've placed the link where I first named her blog above.

'Till next time bloggers!


  1. omg i love it ;-)
    i have the same illustration <3


  2. I wish I was even close to a smidge of a talented artist like you. These are wonderful!

  3. Your sketches are oh-so cool! I absolutely LOVE them!!


  4. Amazing!! you are extremely talented!
    - Gaby
    From Rags to Glam

  5. First of all, I am a huge fan of Helena's and second of all, I am now a HUGE fan of yours. You are one talented gal! Your sketches are so beautiful, I am off to check out the rest of your blogger sketches :)
    xo Lynzy

  6. I'll have to check out her blog, especially as I have a weakness for the Balenciaga motorcycle bags as well. All three illustrations are amazing.

  7. Thank you so much for these beautiful images (and your sweet words), you're insanely talented. I was so happy to see these- really did make my day!


  8. I'll check it soon, love the desings!
    thanks for your comment :)

  9. are the sketches yours?omg!!great...welldone!!

  10. I am your new follower,so I would really appreciate if you could follow me back.

  11. Wow these are fab drawings! Wish I was this skilled :)

  12. Wow... I love your drawings!!!

    from Milan

  13. loveee your blog!keep rocking!

    also, i have a new post if you like to check out
    love, katheryn

  14. Lovely sketches! You're so talented :)

    Jonna xx

  15. I love your sketches! They look like they were sketched by a fashion designer

    ~bloggin' at

  16. Your drawings are AMAZING! You're very talented!

    Melody x

  17. Wow..Im so impressed by those sketches. You are totally awesome:) Have a great day

  18. omg can make a blog header for me? :x

  19. Out of this world talented! I love Helena's blog and I found yours through her and I'm so grateful I did !



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