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Hello there! Its the Fortieth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday. This week's post features Ilanka of Fashionnerdic whose blog is located in the Netherlands.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-I've never considered a mohawk haircut to be very versatile, but this blogger proves that it can be chic as well as ever changing. Ilanka's hairstyle is edgy and fearless. Its cropped short on the sides and kept longer in the center on top. She never wears it as an actual full straight up mohawk. She'll flip the long part to the side for an effortless rockstar attitude. She'll curl the center part for a boyish androgynous look. She'll slick it all back to create a sleek sense of minimalism. Anyway she wears it, I am seriously jealous and I wish I could rock such a daring hairstyle.
-Her style is every bit a stylish chic european girl. There is just something about that balance between tough chick and cutting edge fashionista that girls overseas have down pat. She wears motorcycle cut vests and roughed up denim, but she'll pair it with delicate florals or pretty scalloped shorts. Her style isn't one specific trend or another, but rather a tasteful hint of many.
-I have an obsession with statement necklaces. Anyone who has seen my jewelry collection knows this. And while a do have a few attention grabbing pieces, I don't have anything on Ilanka's showstopping necklaces. She has this massive white beaded and jeweled necklace. Its huge and overpowering, but with her grace and attitude, she wears it without looking like its wearing her.

So if you haven't checked out her blog already, I've placed the link where I first named her blog above. Thanks again for tuning in this week. I've actually got my sketches planned out now, so come back next week to see the next blogger I sketched, Kristina of Kayture!



  1. That's so cool!! You are so talented :) And her hair is awesome!

  2. That.is.AMAZING! Great work! I love her blog&style and I absolutely love your work! I wish I could make sketches like you:p just stunning!

    Check out my Stylish Confessions!
    Check out my Stylish Confessions!
    Check out my Stylish Confessions!

  3. wow! these sketches are so great! you have a real talent! thanks for visiting my page. Love your artistic style


  4. Far out your drawings are amazing! I wish I had your talent!!!! Super envious! Now following


  5. wauw amazing drawings girl, you are very talendted!

  6. wowowow !
    love those sketch
    i'm so jealous of your talent girl !


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