Blogger Sketch Sunday [Kayture]

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Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-first edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Kristina of Kayture whose blog is located in Switzerland.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Kristina's style is that girly-girl next door with a little bad girl appeal. Her closet is full of pinks, lace, and soft feminine materials. But don't let those baby-doll features fool you. Her dresses are mostly body-con tight, her heels tower like no other, and she can rock the hell out of a mesh leather trimmed leotard. 
-I'm pretty sure she has someone with a strong background in photography taking her pictures. Who ever this James Vyn is, he captures beautiful shots. Not only does Kristina have effortless outfit pictures, but she has a few close up shots that look so fun and clean you'd swear you've seen them in Seventeen magazine. 
-I always take note of blogs whose layouts I really like. I know it sounds like a lame observation, but I love how crisp and organized Kayture is. The pictures are still big enough to soak in, but everything is in order just right around them. I also the clean white background with the dramatic header photograph.

If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out for yourself. I've posted the link to it where I first introduced her blog above.

Thanks for reading! Till next time bloggers!


  1. SO beautiful drawings! You are really talented! And I LOVE Kristina! I really wish she wins at the Miss Suiss contest :D :D

  2. WOW,so lovely!!!Very,very talented!

  3. Gorgeous! Love your drawings and this stylish girl:)


  4. She has such a great blog! And YES! I always pay attention to blog designs too...must be the graphic designer in me :)

  5. Awesome Sketches!!! LOVE THEM!<3

  6. I love your sketches! Beautiful.


  7. Love it! Thanks for your comment ;)

  8. I love all of your blogger sketches!!! They look so dynamic and real!
    Kristina's blog is lovely. She always has great looks and her boyfriend takes awesome photos!! I look forward to seeing more of your sketches!!!



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