Blogger Sketch Sunday [Going West]

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Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-fifth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Jennie of Going West whose blog is located in San Francisco, California.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-For someone who moved to California from Iowa, she's got that California style down pat. This blogger always opts for a look that balances rock'n roll with laid back hippie-chic. Its all about leather jackets and frayed cut-offs with tribal print bags and chunky turquoise jewelry. She stomps around SF in chunky leather boots or platform Sam Edelmans and just owns the place.
-That said, Jennie also knows how to polish up. Its not all rough and tumble. She pairs a clean white blazer with a cut up vintage T-shirt. Perfectly tailored trousers with strappy rockstar heels. A sparkly sequined tank with a ragamuffin oversized cardigan. Opposites always give an outfit extra interest.
-Whoever this Lydia Hudgens is takes beautiful photographs. The pictures on Jennie's blog are always amazing. More than just the stand-there-in-front-of-a-non-discript-wall photos, there are a few special shots such as Jennie through the glass of a window or on a ragged beach with the sun perfectly hitting her.

If you haven't come across her blog, you should stop by and check it out. The link is located where I first named her blog above.

Thanks for checking in on another Blogger Sketch Sunday! Can you believe I only have 7 editions left until I finish a whole year? Not to fret though, I plan to start some more serious fashion illustration after the completion of this year long weekly tradition.



  1. wow, I just adore your sketches! you´re so talented!!

  2. Great looks, especially the one with the pencil skirt. And congrats on your 45th edition of this fun feature. Keep up the good work.

  3. these r really good :) keep up the good work :)

  4. Love these!! So amazing, you did a wonderful job capturing Jennie's vibe & thank you, for the compliments! XO

  5. these are so amazing, you are really talented

  6. I love your sketches! I sketch too, but I don't post it on my blog...
    If you like retro, check my new blog: My-retro-fashion.blogspot.com :):)

  7. love your stuff. when did you start drawing? seems like you must be a natural.

  8. Pretty nice sketches!
    You use 2B pencils to sketch or ? :)


  9. OI meu no nome é ruth, seus desenhos são lindos por isso sou seguidora do seu blog,
    eu tambem tenho um blog sobre moda e logo logo
    eu vou colocalos
    no blog, parabens!!!

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  11. LOVE your sketches and blog! I just found your blog from Kendi Everyday and have enjoyed going back through your past posts.


  12. Is this really you, you look fabulous!

    Btw do you worry about your hair?
    come check out what to do to prevent its fall
    My blog
    p.s. dont blame me for linking, it never hurt anyone :)

  13. wow pretty points!!! I draw too =)

  14. Your blog is unique among blogs and is an art-gallery-like experience. You deserved to be a "Blog of Note"!


  15. I really like your banner, it makes your blog stand out :) You are extremely talented. Your drawings are amazing

  16. I LOVE the 3rd one down....you have amazing talent!!!

  17. j'adore the sketches you put out! thanks for sharing your design and perspective ...


  18. These sketches are brilliant! You're incredibly talented.


  19. All these are very interesting.....

  20. this sketches are very good and interesting


  21. Ah I love your fashion illustrations...you've got some skills there lady! Jennie is by far one of my fave bloggers, I love her style...and I agree she has the CA vibe/look down pat! You'd never guess she hails from Iowa.

  22. So nice sketch's.very stylish!!!cool

  23. Your sketch of Jennie is amazing! I love it :)

  24. LOVE! Jennie's style is amazing and you've done her proud! Love that she's from SF, so am I! :) xxANisa


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