Blogger Sketch Sunday [This Time Tomorrow]

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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the Forty-sixth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Today's post features Krystal of This Time Tomorrow, whose blog is located in San Francisco, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Krystal is a walking Zara catalog and I love it! Her outfits are always in the brand's signature crisp, clean, and tailored look. This blogger's wardrobe is filled with sleek brightly colored sheath dresses, elegant well-cut trouser shorts, and perfectly proportioned blazers. There was an abundance of Zara's in Germany, and I'm kicking myself now for not purchasing a few pieces while I was there.
-I only wish I could have such a cool rooftop backdrop for my pictures. It must be a California thing, because bloggers on the west coast always have amazing views of a cityscape behind them. I'm pretty sure if you went to the top of a parking garage in College Station, you'd find flat plains as far as the eye can see.
-I must confess. I have hair envy. I've been wanting blunt yet soft bangs with long layered hair like hers for a while now. But I've been too chicken to actually go through with it. Krystal's fringe goes perfectly with those ray-bans and tortoise sunglasses she's always rocking. Perhaps I'll have to save up and splurge on a fancy haircut soon.

If you haven't come across her blog, go check it out! I've put the link where I first named her blog. 

Sorry for being a little MIA, this week. I've thrown myself back into painting, completely ignoring other responsibilities such as my summer class and packing to move into my new house soon. But this new piece is my first serious work since the Audrey Hepburn portrait. I'm hoping to finish tonight and post it here soon.



  1. Amazingggg!!! I am so jealous of your skills, haha. Off to check out her blog ! :)

  2. Very nice and creative sketches. I enjoyed looking at your blog!


  3. Smart. Talented. And a Fabulous Fashion sense. A true Barbie girl. ~ Ken http://barbies4sale.blogspot.com

  4. I like your art, so as a fellow computer scientist am both happy and sad that you have decided to become a starving artist. lol

    Keep up the good work! :)

  5. so lovely ♥ want some too :)

  6. Love your sketches so much!! I'm so bad in sketching :(
    I'm following you :D

  7. Beautiful drawings! I will definitely take a look at her blog, and if what you've said is anything to go by it must be really good!

  8. good job, your sketches are so lovely, can't wait for another blogger sketch :D


  9. Former Computer Scientist gone future starving Artist? Hmmm? That has potential. And not one of starvation, I think. Here's something to consider.

    The Womantholgy Project!

  10. wow this is amazing great work. you are major talented

  11. I LOVE your sketches of Krystal! AND I love her blog. I've been reading This Time Tomorrow for a long time! Awesome. I really enjoyed this post.


  12. WOW!!! This looks great! You are very talented....


  13. Here's something. If you're interested, of course.
    A Contest!
    To Redesign Wonder Woman's costume.

    I'm telling you about this, because I really do like your work. And I know, particularly with your fashion sense, that you will do a Much better job than any typical comic book artist. So make me proud. Again, if you're interested.

    ~ CBL

  14. you are so talented! all of your sketches are beyond amazing!!!

    xo Julia

  15. i so love your sketches. I'm a frustrated one. :)


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