Blogger Sketch Sunday [Tick Tock Vintage]

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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the Forty-third edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage whose blog is located in Philadelphia.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-In a sea of super-edgy fashionistas who cling to Alexander Wang tees and American Apparel bodysuits, its refreshing to see a girl who marches to her own retro vintage beat. Veronika wears vintage, not like a costume, but like a true expression of herself.
-Veronika's look combines the sensuality of Brigit Bardot with the funny-loving laid back nature of Zooey Deschanel. She switches from feminine full frilly dresses from the 1950's to pin up girl hawaiian floral crop tops and high waisted short shorts. But whatever look she decides on, she pulls it off effortlessly.
-I love that this blogger shows snippets of her real life outside of outfit pictures, readers get a peek into her everyday activities such as just hanging out with friends. And her friends are just as retro chic as she is! To me her blog is a tribute to all the girls out there, who know exactly who they are and dress accordingly.

If you haven't seen her blog yet, so check it out now! The link is located where I first named her blog.
Thanks for checking out another week of Blogger Sketch Sunday!



  1. lovely pictures, but how do you doing these?
    and it's a hobby, or studying?

  2. your drawings are always amazing :)


  3. looks lovely, will be checking it out, thanks for the intro!

  4. Wow you have an amazing talent! I wish I could draw that well :)


  5. I've been seeing your drawings 'round the interwebs for some time but I only visited your site now, after seeing these illustrations of Veronika. You are officially my new obsession. <3

  6. Hello,

    I just found your blog via Tick Tock vintage & what a great one it is! I have plans to be an artist when I am old & retired, but for now I'll have to settle for academia.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  7. wow, your sketches are great! I read veronika's blog too, and I'm totally excited about her every post and outfit..

  8. i love your drawings, they're amazing!

  9. These illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I think you have captured Veronika perfectly And I love how you describe her style too, you have it spot on :) xxx

  10. those all exactly all the reason's I love Tick Tock Vintage's blog as well! Your sketches are beautiful, you are incredibly talented!

  11. Your Blogger Sketch Sundays are some of my absolute favorite blog posts ever. On the entire interwebs. :) And yes ma'am, I'm still in CS. Until next May when my husband graduates from his masters. Let's definitely do lunch!

  12. i see so many blogger sketches out there, but yours are some of my all-time favorites. really, really love your work! you are so talented, and you truly captured Veronicka's essence- amazing!

    xx Katherine

  13. I love veronika's style and these sketches are impressive.

  14. Nice pics!!!!! xx :)


  15. compliments for your blog
    you´re really good

  16. you just got a new follower my friend :)


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