Blogger Sketch Sunday How-To Tutorial

My year long, 52 week tradition of Blogger Sketch Sunday is almost wrapping up (can you believe it?!) so I thought I would put together a tutorial on how I draw these sketches of bloggers. I've received many emails from readers asking me where I learned to draw, what art school I went to, what medium I use, and how they can get started drawing as well.

I'm a little embarrassed from these messages, since I don't believe my drawings can compare with real fashion illustrators. I have made this short lesson on drawing figures, but please keep in mind that my way isn't the only way. Or the formally taught way. I never went to an art college, so my methods might not be the most technical. Also I always use cheap ballpoint pens I steal from banks because I like the way they alter in shade with varied pressure. I do own professional art pens, but they aren't as quick and easy to use. 

Many readers have also asked me what books they should learn from. Honestly, I've looked at fashion illustration books and the way they instruct to draw croquis is just too dry and unoriginal. The greatest fashion illustrators like Danny Roberts and Laura Laine have unconventional styles. What I recommend is studying the human anatomy first to create a stable foundation. Henry Moore once said "Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality." But its important to have an understanding of that reality before trying to embellish it. Grab a few cheap life drawing or human body study books to start learning and then develop your own flair from there.

Alright! Are you ready? Lets get started!

cheyenne2 WM
This is the finished product above!

cheyenne3 WM
If you want to go through the steps again, I've put together another tutorial for the pose shown above. To see how this second drawing was done, check out my guest post [HERE] on fellow College Station fashion blogger Sofia's blog, Bea and Ben!

I really hope this tutorial has been helpful and that I haven't bored you to death. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and send me an email!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow!Great sketches!


  2. wow, this tutorial is great! thx for sharing!

  3. This is a brilliant tutorial! I've been wondering how you do your sketches, they almost look as though they have been done on the computer rather than by hand!
    This post is really helpful as I can never draw figues and all the ways I try to find on the internet are so complicated!

  4. wow, it's perfect..love your sketches!

  5. great tutorial! very clear and everything. thank you so much for sharing!


  6. This is amazing!!! I'll leave the sketching to you and I'll stick to my stick figures, but this was a great tutorial!!! It's so cool to see the thought process behind the sketches! You are so talented!!


  7. I'd love to know how to draw too
    Great scketches!


  8. this is amazing. but i still don't think i can do it! haha. your have such a gift. you're definitely able to be a top fashion illustrator.


  9. I love your sketches, thanks so much for the tutorial

  10. definitely not boring...
    i might give this a try and show you how i do, haha!
    thanks so much!!

  11. Gorgeous sketches. It's sad that it's coming to an end. You should continue it you're so talented!!

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  12. Fantastic tutorial! Rach, you inspired me to start doing some sketching of my own!

    T x

  13. Awesome tutorial girl. That's just as anything I've seen in instructional art books. And congrats on a full year's worth of Blogger Sketch Sundays.

  14. thx for sharing! it awesome! You are good teacher.I tried. And...
    http://photo.qip.ru/users/adelino4ka/200613789/208120786/(I don't know how to attach picture)
    I will try to draw something else.(Sorry for my english, it's not my native language)thx!

  15. Great tutorial! I love that you mentioned studying human anatomy, many people forget that. I can't comment on the other one because it says I need to be invited.


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