Thursday, August 4, 2011

Painterly Pencil

Skirt: Forever21. Tank: Target. Heels: thrifted. Purse: thrifted.
Photo Credit: Dee

This is one of my all time favorite Forever21 impulse purchases. I smacked myself in the head for giving into buying it at the time, but I'm pretty happy now over a year later. I'm in love with the painterly strokes on it and black and yellow are my favorite colors. The only complaint I have about it is that its pretty straight cut with no stretch so I've slightly ripped the slit on the back. Its hardy noticeable though, and at least now its easier to move in.

The summer is wrapping up soon. It feels so strange. I feel like this summer never happened. Probably because I've been running around a lot.  Like a nomad. I'm looking forward to setting my feet down on firm ground soon. But I still plan on relishing these last few moments of summer. All I want to do is kick back in my jean short cut-offs, take walks in the evening because its still light outside, eat an awesome burger, and buy fresh cherries at the grocery store before the season ends. 



  1. I have been following your blog for a while and have never commented, but this outfit stopped me in my tracks. Uh-Mazing. I love that skirt and the fact that you paired it with a dressed down tank is brillz! Luv it.



  2. Awesome outfit! Have a nice day! :D

  3. Awesome outfit, love your killers heels! :)

  4. For me the Summer is almost beginning too, I don't know where the time went.. but I mean to enjoy it to the fullest!

    The skirt is really original. I like it.


  5. What a beautiful skirt!

    You have a very lovely blog! And if they are your drawings you are one very very talented lady!!


  6. i am completely & utterly in love with your artwork. the detail is UHHHmazing. seriously. it's been a long time since i've actually seen an artwork that has so much details like yours! my favorite would have to be your drawing of edie using the markers. i got the chills from looking at it! no lies.

    {btw, what's your favorite medium of all time?}

    i grew up with art as my passion... and your work really makes me miss the good old days. i really should pick up my pencils & start drawing again.

    thank you for being such an inspiration, girl!


  7. love your skirt! you look gorgeous! xx

  8. Your blog is amazing and i emailed u and asked u to follow my blog and u never did please follow my blog it's

  9. Amazing outfirt! Lve the skirt! I'm first time on you blog and I have to say this: YOU ARE SO TALENTED! It's unreal :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. I love your blog...I think I'm obsessed with it!! You look amazing in the skirt!


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