Recent Commissions [Aug 2011]

gfwf 3 WM

final dome WM

fixed color header WM

sarah WM

allison WM

Its been a while since I've posted new completed commissions. These are 4 of the recent bloggers who have been kind enough to let me work for their blogs. None of them have put up the finished headers on their websites yet, but blogging does tend to take a backseat for our crazy busy lives most of the time. I hope to see the illustrations on their websites soon.

These illustrations are a small sample of the work I have done. If you are interested in commissioning a custom illustration/blog header from me, check out my 'Commission Me' page at the top for my rates and contract. I have 2 new commissions in progress at the moment, so it may take me a while to get to your message. But don't hesitate to start discussing ideas with me!




  1. Great work. I think I like the top one the best with the subtle touches of color. How cool that you've designed so many blog headers!

  2. Oh! You are simply amazing! Your work is top noche, I am seriously in love! xxAnisa

  3. I love your work! Love the bottom image. Great job!

    Courtney from I Can Be Many Things

  4. I love these!! You are so talented!!! You have great style too - love your outfit posts!! I love your blog!! :)



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