Blogger Sketch Sunday [The Blonde Salad]

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Holy moly! Its the Fifty-first edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Chiara, of The Blonde Salad whose blog is located in Italy.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-You can't help but be a little star-struck looking through this blog, Chiara has racked up quite a list of modeling gigs, style awards, and numerous collaborations with big name labels. Her blog highlights how successful and fashion blog can become and it kind of blows my mind.
-There is a reason she was named the biggest breakout street style star of the year by the New York Times. Her style is effortlessly chic. No outfit she puts together would look like any hum-drum 'trendy' display at the mall. Style like this is impeccable and seems impossible to immulate. She is just one of those girls who always looks so put together without looking like she's trying at all.
-What would a street style star be without a super skilled photographer behind the lens? All of her photos are amazing. They are such high quality pictures with beautiful outdoor lighting, great use of DOF, and such candid energy. 

If you haven't come across this blogger, which I highly doubt, you need to go check out what all the fuss is about. I've placed the link where I first named her blog above. 

ALRIGHT. So I've been completely MIA since like August. Pretty much since school began. It being my last semester of college and taking 17 hours, you'll have to be a little patient with me for being such an inconsistent blogger for a bit. 
Good news though, I only have one week of Blogger Sketch Sunday left! I am somewhat relieved my challenge almost complete, but a little sad as well. I appreciate all of the comments and messages I've received over the last year supporting my little endeavor. And I've had so much fun, I think I might continue for a few weeks more. We will see.

Thanks for reading!


  1. you're soo talented! I can't get over!

  2. Your sketches are amazing! Truly beautiful. I'd love to see more.
    xx. Jillian

  3. Love these as always! Her style is so amazing :D
    Good luck with school!!

  4. awesome post your sketches are really nice loved it!!
    Pakistani Dress Collection

  5. I have just found your blog and your sketches are amazing. I really like the fact that you can do big girl sketching (not many do) You have an amazing gift!
    I am going to have to connect with you soon in doing a header sketch for me, I love what you do!

    xxoo Nicole

  6. your illustrations are so beautiful. way envious of your talent. <3


  7. I've just spent the last half hour looking at your sketches and paintings. I love your style of drawing (and also your fashion style, actually!); it's so clean and pronounced. It inspires me to work on my sketching more often!

  8. hey!! you are an amazin artist and we both share the same love for sketching..<3 i never knew that sketching is such a great hobby. you inspire me to sketch more often. thanx. i hope to connect with you soon. xoxo. anushka

  9. i love your sketches!!! we both share the same love for drawing. you inspire me to sketch more often. i hope to connect with you.
    xoxo anushka


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