Recent Commissions [Oct 2011]

emeraldheels header draft1 WM
mouse inked color3 WM

Its been a busy month commission wise for me! So you'll have to excuse my lack of posting. Hopefully these illustrations I was hired to create will make up for my absence. I've started using a tablet for all of my work and its opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I'm currently borrowing my generous roommate's tablet, but I feel really inspired to buy my own and really get adept to using one. 

 Thanks goes out to these 3 bloggers, Amanda of Emerald Heels, Candyce of *Right-click Save*, and Inna of SkippySays for commissioning me to make their blog headers! It was so fun working with each of them to create their own vision. If you'd like to commission me, shoot me and email at vizbasix@gmail.com and we'll talk about rates and bounce back and forth a few ideas! 

 Thanks for reading! 


  1. I know exactly which pair of Louboutins you drew in the first header. These are amazing!!

  2. Beautiful pics! I will contact you for some works. And I will follow you here! :)
    Do you want to follow me too?

  3. Cool! I like the 1st one
    I'd love to know how to draw something good :)


  4. Thank you once again, Rachel! You've been a joy to work with :o)

  5. I really want to work with you, but i'm unable to send the form in. I'll get it one of these days! i can't wait! I've wanted a header you for over 6 months.

  6. I love your sketch of skippy says! I was totally surprised to click over to her blog and see your work--I knew it was you right away! Great job!

  7. As always, they are fabulous. Man, you're talented. We should definitely hang out soon!

  8. Great illustrations, especially the second one. Personally I find hands to be difficult to draw so I appreciate your execution.

  9. I love all your drawings, as a studying art historian, it's great to see some art on fashion blogs ;]


  10. Your talent is unreal. I may get with you pretty soon to make a header for my blog. Can't wait!

  11. Came across your blog through Song of Style, wow you are incredible talented! Was looking through your recent posts and your paintings may even be better than you blogger sketches. Love your artistic style.

  12. Really, Really Love your work! Love your blog!



  13. Rach. Keep reaching for the stars and doing what you love. I run the game app blog over at Good Apps. So I am a starving artist and blogger too. Thanks for encouraging me to keep the dream alive.

  14. Awesome, they are so beautiful.


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