Blogger Sketch Sunday [Kayture]

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Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-first edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Kristina of Kayture whose blog is located in Switzerland.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Kristina's style is that girly-girl next door with a little bad girl appeal. Her closet is full of pinks, lace, and soft feminine materials. But don't let those baby-doll features fool you. Her dresses are mostly body-con tight, her heels tower like no other, and she can rock the hell out of a mesh leather trimmed leotard. 
-I'm pretty sure she has someone with a strong background in photography taking her pictures. Who ever this James Vyn is, he captures beautiful shots. Not only does Kristina have effortless outfit pictures, but she has a few close up shots that look so fun and clean you'd swear you've seen them in Seventeen magazine. 
-I always take note of blogs whose layouts I really like. I know it sounds like a lame observation, but I love how crisp and organized Kayture is. The pictures are still big enough to soak in, but everything is in order just right around them. I also the clean white background with the dramatic header photograph.

If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out for yourself. I've posted the link to it where I first introduced her blog above.

Thanks for reading! Till next time bloggers!


Happy Birthday Vy!

Wishing my sister a Happy 17th Birthday today! We're set on attaining cupcakes to celebrate the occasion :)


Rodarte's Inspiration

I've been buying quite a few books on fashion designers lately. I think its fascinating to see where fashion designers went to school and the places they draw inspiration from. Most of the big name fashion designers of today got their education from Parsons in New York. Its inspiring to read about the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte who graduated with non-fashion degrees from Berkeley. After getting their bachelors, they taught themselves to sew and put together a small 10 piece collection. Then they took a huge risk and took their collection to New York. There they had their pieces shown on the cover of Women's Wear Daily and had a meeting with Anna Wintour herself. The rest is awe-inspiring fashion history.

While I know most cases are not similar to the Mulleavy sisters' meteoric rise to success (they won the 2009 CFDA award for womenswear designer of the year and got to create the amazing costumes in The Black Swan), their story gives me the drive to keep pursuing fashion. Even if it isn't the degree I graduate with, no piece of paper is going to keep me from working hard and trying my best to get into this industry anyway. 

The Mulleavy sisters sited the Monterey Bay Aquarium of their hometown in northern California as one of their greatest inspirations. After visiting the aquarium myself a few weeks ago, I can really see how the experience influenced their collections. There really is a whole other world that exists in the sea. Under the water lies bright colors only seen in these types of life, ghostly floating organisms unimaginable, and beautiful textures and lines usually hidden from human eyes.

I normally hate jellyfish from an experience I had on the beach in Florida once, but behind glass there are absolutely gorgeous. Jellyfish don't have brains. Literally. They only have a central nervous system so they can't consciously think, they can only react. Seems like a sad existence, but because they have no ability to comprehend, they don't hide from viewers in the aquarium. So visitors like myself can soak in their breathtaking beauty. Their tentacles floating by like intricate lace. Their bodies ghostly transparent and rhythmically moving. I can definitely see their influence on a stunning fashion line like Rodarte.




Blogger Sketch Sunday [Fashionnerdic]

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Hello there! Its the Fortieth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday. This week's post features Ilanka of Fashionnerdic whose blog is located in the Netherlands.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-I've never considered a mohawk haircut to be very versatile, but this blogger proves that it can be chic as well as ever changing. Ilanka's hairstyle is edgy and fearless. Its cropped short on the sides and kept longer in the center on top. She never wears it as an actual full straight up mohawk. She'll flip the long part to the side for an effortless rockstar attitude. She'll curl the center part for a boyish androgynous look. She'll slick it all back to create a sleek sense of minimalism. Anyway she wears it, I am seriously jealous and I wish I could rock such a daring hairstyle.
-Her style is every bit a stylish chic european girl. There is just something about that balance between tough chick and cutting edge fashionista that girls overseas have down pat. She wears motorcycle cut vests and roughed up denim, but she'll pair it with delicate florals or pretty scalloped shorts. Her style isn't one specific trend or another, but rather a tasteful hint of many.
-I have an obsession with statement necklaces. Anyone who has seen my jewelry collection knows this. And while a do have a few attention grabbing pieces, I don't have anything on Ilanka's showstopping necklaces. She has this massive white beaded and jeweled necklace. Its huge and overpowering, but with her grace and attitude, she wears it without looking like its wearing her.

So if you haven't checked out her blog already, I've placed the link where I first named her blog above. Thanks again for tuning in this week. I've actually got my sketches planned out now, so come back next week to see the next blogger I sketched, Kristina of Kayture!


Looking Ahead

Happy Father's Day to my own Dad and all dads out there today!

Thank you for all of the things you've ever done for me, Dad. From taking me to my oboe lessons an hour away from home every week when I was 12. To helping me fix my problematic laptop today, time and time again. Keep fighting and never lose hope. This is for today and to many more Father's Days in the years to come.



Blogger Sketch Sunday [B. Jones Style]

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Hey guys, its the Thirty-Ninth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Beth of B. Jones Style whose blog is located in Orange Country, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:
-Perhaps its because I'm in the middle of a SATC marathon right now, but Beth reminds me of a west coast version of Carrie Bradshaw. She's a professional self-made woman with big blonde hair and bold style. Some bloggers just captivate you with their personality and lifestyle and Beth is definitely one of them. 
-I love that Beth posts about the interior of her home. I've never been able to to put together a beautiful room myself but I love looking at amazing decor. Her bedroom has a gorgeous canopy bed, crisp white linens, and an eclectic collection of thrifted finds. I am in love with her inspiration board in her closet. She keeps it up to date each season to help visualize how she wants to dress for those months. 
-Beth style is ladylike polish with an urban edge and a tinge of grunge. Her closet is full of sleek blazers in bold colors and dramatically cut trousers. She adds a little elective flair with interesting patterns and interesting jewelry. 

If you haven't seen her blog yet, you need to check it out. The link to her blog is located where I first introduced it above.

As always I must apologize for the inconsistency of my posting. I was on vacation for 2 weeks in California but I'm back now with a million pictures to post from my trip and a sketchbook full of Blogger Sketch Sundays coming soon.