Blogger Sketch Sunday [This Time Tomorrow]

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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the Forty-sixth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! Today's post features Krystal of This Time Tomorrow, whose blog is located in San Francisco, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Krystal is a walking Zara catalog and I love it! Her outfits are always in the brand's signature crisp, clean, and tailored look. This blogger's wardrobe is filled with sleek brightly colored sheath dresses, elegant well-cut trouser shorts, and perfectly proportioned blazers. There was an abundance of Zara's in Germany, and I'm kicking myself now for not purchasing a few pieces while I was there.
-I only wish I could have such a cool rooftop backdrop for my pictures. It must be a California thing, because bloggers on the west coast always have amazing views of a cityscape behind them. I'm pretty sure if you went to the top of a parking garage in College Station, you'd find flat plains as far as the eye can see.
-I must confess. I have hair envy. I've been wanting blunt yet soft bangs with long layered hair like hers for a while now. But I've been too chicken to actually go through with it. Krystal's fringe goes perfectly with those ray-bans and tortoise sunglasses she's always rocking. Perhaps I'll have to save up and splurge on a fancy haircut soon.

If you haven't come across her blog, go check it out! I've put the link where I first named her blog. 

Sorry for being a little MIA, this week. I've thrown myself back into painting, completely ignoring other responsibilities such as my summer class and packing to move into my new house soon. But this new piece is my first serious work since the Audrey Hepburn portrait. I'm hoping to finish tonight and post it here soon.



Blogger Sketch Sunday [Going West]

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Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-fifth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Jennie of Going West whose blog is located in San Francisco, California.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-For someone who moved to California from Iowa, she's got that California style down pat. This blogger always opts for a look that balances rock'n roll with laid back hippie-chic. Its all about leather jackets and frayed cut-offs with tribal print bags and chunky turquoise jewelry. She stomps around SF in chunky leather boots or platform Sam Edelmans and just owns the place.
-That said, Jennie also knows how to polish up. Its not all rough and tumble. She pairs a clean white blazer with a cut up vintage T-shirt. Perfectly tailored trousers with strappy rockstar heels. A sparkly sequined tank with a ragamuffin oversized cardigan. Opposites always give an outfit extra interest.
-Whoever this Lydia Hudgens is takes beautiful photographs. The pictures on Jennie's blog are always amazing. More than just the stand-there-in-front-of-a-non-discript-wall photos, there are a few special shots such as Jennie through the glass of a window or on a ragged beach with the sun perfectly hitting her.

If you haven't come across her blog, you should stop by and check it out. The link is located where I first named her blog above.

Thanks for checking in on another Blogger Sketch Sunday! Can you believe I only have 7 editions left until I finish a whole year? Not to fret though, I plan to start some more serious fashion illustration after the completion of this year long weekly tradition.



Black and White

Shirt: Forever21. Skirt: Forever21. Purse: thrifted. Shoes: thrifted. Necklace: gift.
Photo Credit: Dee

Recently I've become a huge fan of J.Crew. Their catalogs arriving in the mail are more exciting to me than my monthly magazine subscriptions. And I could gaze at their jewelry collection online for hours. I do remember a time when I never cared to go into the J.Crew at the mall, disinterested in their brightly colored argyle print cardigans. I was curious as to what happened to the company to cause such a drastic change so I looked it up.

What happened was that an innovative fashion powerhouse named Jenna Lyons took over as creative director and turned the company around. With her overtaking came the J.Crew we know today. Full of polished blazers, trousers in beautiful shades of neutrals, fun sparkly tops, and girly feminine cardigans. I'd love to have her job. Rising to the top of an empire and turning it into your own vision is the career of a lifetime. Check out an interview with Jenna on Oprah [HERE].

Long outfit explanation short. I love Jenna's style advice to mix something from the boys with something overly feminine. Play with opposites. And use jewelry as a statement. So here you've got a loose plaid button down paired with my pouffiest skirt and topped with a huge beaded necklace. The only problem is that I tend to always dress in black and white. J.Crew is a prime example of how well put together colors make magic. Maybe one day I'll step out of this monochromatic lull. One day!



Blogger Sketch Sunday [Eveline Fashion-Diary]

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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the Forty-fourth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This Sunday's post features Eveline of Eveline Fashion-Diary whose blog is located in Poland.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Eveline's look is clean, bold, and dramatic. Everything about her is striking. From her ridiculously pretty-in-a-fierce-way facial features to the edgy streamlined clothes she wears. Her outfits look almost futuristic the way she always works asymmetrical cuts, sharp trench coats, and strategic sheer panels. Its all about no-fuss simple yet edgy pieces with a studded bag, metallic heel, or heavy hardware necklace thrown on top.
-This girl's blog took a turn as streetstyle blog during Paris Fashion Week. And seriously, her pictures could give Tommy Ton a run for his money. The photos manage to capture every high-fashion, glamourous, fast-paced moment outside the shows. From intimidating magazine editors to hugely successful fashion bloggers to details of enviable outfits, her blog has it all.
-And while at Paris Fashion Week, Eveline herself was photographed by none other than The Sartorialist  himself! Yep, on top of being featured on Vogue and Harper Bazaar's online slideshows, Scott Schuman  posted a photo of her on his blog. If I ever ended up on The Sartorialist, I don't think my life would ever be able to top that. Insane.

So if you haven't seen her blog yet (although you've probably seen her face on one of the 3 sources I mentioned before), check it out for yourself now! I've posted the link to it where I first named her blog above.



Studded Lapel

Vest: DIY. Shirt: Target. Shorts: thrifted. Purse: thrifted. Shoes: Aldo. Necklaces: Kohls, Forever21.
Photo Credit: Dee

Remember the motorcycle jacket in [THIS] do-it-yourself post? You know the one I studded up and promised to have in an outfit post really soon? Yeah, that was almost a year ago. So this is me putting up the much belated outfit post with the jacket. Well. Only now its a vest. I bought this cheap fake-leather jacket on clearance at Target, so I didn't feel the least bit bad tearing off the sleeves to make it more wearable in this Texas heat.



Blogger Sketch Sunday [Tick Tock Vintage]

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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the Forty-third edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage whose blog is located in Philadelphia.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-In a sea of super-edgy fashionistas who cling to Alexander Wang tees and American Apparel bodysuits, its refreshing to see a girl who marches to her own retro vintage beat. Veronika wears vintage, not like a costume, but like a true expression of herself.
-Veronika's look combines the sensuality of Brigit Bardot with the funny-loving laid back nature of Zooey Deschanel. She switches from feminine full frilly dresses from the 1950's to pin up girl hawaiian floral crop tops and high waisted short shorts. But whatever look she decides on, she pulls it off effortlessly.
-I love that this blogger shows snippets of her real life outside of outfit pictures, readers get a peek into her everyday activities such as just hanging out with friends. And her friends are just as retro chic as she is! To me her blog is a tribute to all the girls out there, who know exactly who they are and dress accordingly.

If you haven't seen her blog yet, so check it out now! The link is located where I first named her blog.
Thanks for checking out another week of Blogger Sketch Sunday!



Granny Florals

[Skirt: H&M. Shirt: Target. Necklace: Forever21. Shoes: Aldo. Purse: thrifted]
Photo Credit: Dee

I completely forgot about this skirt until I found it in my closet the other day. Its the last piece of clothing I bought in Germany to bring back with me. When I first saw it at H&M, I was a immediately drawn to the granny floral print on it. What can I say? I'm an old woman at heart. I always get jealous of girls who get to raid their grandmothers' closets for awesome vintage pieces. I love my own grandmother, but her closet in her youth was probably filled with traditional Vietnamese ao dai's.

sp me and dee2

My inner nerd has also being making a reappearance lately. I've gotten into reading a few comics online from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I can't help but see my life in Scott Pilgrim form now. Wouldn't it be great to actually see words float through the air when people say them? Or to be able to whip out a mega sledge hammer in a fight? I decided to draw myself and Dee in Scott Pilgrim form, check it out above!




[Shorts: thrifted. Blazer: thrifted. Shirt: Forever21. Shoes: Aldo. Purse: thrifted. Sunglasses: H&M]
Photo Credit: Dee

Alright, so I was going for an Americana theme for this outfit post, but it ended up looking more like my uniform when I worked at Hollister. The tucked in shirt and thumbs in the front belt loops don't help. But what can I say, I thought that I'd celebrate July 4th with my first outfit post since December. Isn't it astounding that its been that long? Heck, isn't it astounding that I've had this blog for so long?

Wishing all of you a great July 4th!


Blogger Sketch Sunday [9to5Chic]

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Welcome bloggers! To the Forty-second edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Anh of 9to5Chic whose blog is located in San Francisco, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Alright lets be honest, most fashion bloggers wear outfits that no average person could ever pull off on an everyday basis. Thats why we love them. But Anh finds a way to look chic and stylish without losing that practical sensibility. She knows how to mix more mainstream basics from J.Crew and Zara with high power accessories from Chanel, Miu Miu, or Lanvin.
-The outfits she wears could actually translate to real life and even better, they translate into the professional world. Anh shows us what it looks like to dress polished and conservative for work, but still maintain that inner fashionista. She doesn't look like any other woman in the office, her awareness of style and subtle hints at current trends sets her apart.
-I feel like Anh has a very strong sense of personal style. She knows what she likes and you don't see her jumping around to looks that she knows aren't her. Her wardrobe is all about crisp neutrals, pretty pastels, and clean patterns all put together impeccably.

If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out! I've put the link where I first named her blog above.
Tune in next week to see a post on Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage!



A Double Grid

During my vacation in California, I got the chance to visit the Getty Museum in LA not once, but twice. And honestly, two days was barely enough. The Getty is filled with amazing artwork, but the museum itself is quite an experience. It's built far up on the side of a hill overlooking downtown LA. It has a tram that takes you from the parking garage up the side of the mountain. I feel like the isolation of the museum from the rest of the city and the sort of journey it takes to get up to it makes the museum a unique experience.

The architecture of the museum is absolutely stunning. The juxtaposition of the stable 90 degree grid lines with the strategically placed swooping curves strikes the viewer. Its all about this sense of flowing unison from one structure to the next. Nothing misses a beat. Every visual aspect is meticulously placed. There is no disjunction. 

Inside the museum were some pretty iconic artworks. These apples by Cezanne theoretically started the entire Cubism movement. While I still think the plate of apples was painted at a higher point of view by chance, the piece still introduced the idea of painting from multiple perspectives.

They also had quite a collection of Van Gogh and Monet paintings there. This painting above by Monet has always been one of my favorites. I once saw something similar to it made entirely of melted wax crayons.

This is the bed that inspired Carol Hannah on Project Runway. I loved her dress on the show and I could definitely see the connection between her dress and the ornate bed in person. 

I'm in love with the way the sheer fabric is painted in this work. The dresses look so light and airy. You can almost feel the cloth between your fingers even though its just rendered with paint on canvas.

This painting by Sargent was my absolute favorite piece in the museum. Its a large and eye catching piece that dominates the room its displayed in with the subject's bold stance and the striking white dress she wears. Supposedly, artists back in this time painted with white to show off their skills or virtuoso. No color like white is as hard to show all of the slightest colors in the shadows and surfaces reflecting off of it.

Sargent is more well known for his Madame X painting of a woman in a black dress, but I find this painting much more interesting. Madame X might have her scandalous dress strap off the shoulder, but this painting has a sense of immaculate grace I can't get over. 

If I were to be taking on the Project Runway challenge of creating a look inspired by a piece in the Getty, this work hands down would be my source of inspiration. I think I'll sketch out a few looks based on this painting just for the fun of it. I'm actually about to take on the challenge of learning to sew once I get some cheap fabric to run trials with. We will see how it goes!