Sweet Tooth

School just started up this week so please excuse the lack of Blogger Sketch Sunday this past Sunday. My weekly tradition will be back on regular schedule next Sunday. To make up for it, I'm posting a few more paintings that I have done recently and finally got around to photographing. These two paintings are the start of my Sweet Tooth series of food paintings. I'm trying to think of a third sweet item to paint and finish the collection. I'm wavering between waffles, blueberry pie, or red velvet cake.

Mmmm decisions decisions....
Which dessert would you pick?



Blogger Sketch Sunday How-To Tutorial

My year long, 52 week tradition of Blogger Sketch Sunday is almost wrapping up (can you believe it?!) so I thought I would put together a tutorial on how I draw these sketches of bloggers. I've received many emails from readers asking me where I learned to draw, what art school I went to, what medium I use, and how they can get started drawing as well.

I'm a little embarrassed from these messages, since I don't believe my drawings can compare with real fashion illustrators. I have made this short lesson on drawing figures, but please keep in mind that my way isn't the only way. Or the formally taught way. I never went to an art college, so my methods might not be the most technical. Also I always use cheap ballpoint pens I steal from banks because I like the way they alter in shade with varied pressure. I do own professional art pens, but they aren't as quick and easy to use. 

Many readers have also asked me what books they should learn from. Honestly, I've looked at fashion illustration books and the way they instruct to draw croquis is just too dry and unoriginal. The greatest fashion illustrators like Danny Roberts and Laura Laine have unconventional styles. What I recommend is studying the human anatomy first to create a stable foundation. Henry Moore once said "Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality." But its important to have an understanding of that reality before trying to embellish it. Grab a few cheap life drawing or human body study books to start learning and then develop your own flair from there.

Alright! Are you ready? Lets get started!

cheyenne2 WM
This is the finished product above!

cheyenne3 WM
If you want to go through the steps again, I've put together another tutorial for the pose shown above. To see how this second drawing was done, check out my guest post [HERE] on fellow College Station fashion blogger Sofia's blog, Bea and Ben!

I really hope this tutorial has been helpful and that I haven't bored you to death. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and send me an email!
Thanks for reading!



Red Shoe Black Shoe

Ds red shoe
Ds black shoe

A while ago, I painted these two paintings for Dee as her Christmas gifts last December. I'm about to upload a lot more artwork now that I'm getting around to photograph them. But I thought I would start with these. These were done in acrylics on small 12x16 inch canvases. Both the red and the black shoes were referenced from Christian Louboutin heels. No shoe has cleaner and more aesthetically stunning lines.



Blogger Sketch Sunday [Cheyenne Meets Chanel]

cheyenne1 WM

cheyenne3 WM

cheyenne2 WM
Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-ninth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel whose blog is located in West Hollywood, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Shea Marie's poses are always fierce. She somehow manages to position her body in dynamic angles worthy of a editorial photo shoot. If I even attempted half of the poses she strikes in heels, I'd probably fall flat on my face or break an ankle.

-This blogger's style is every bit reflective of the Californian surroundings she resides in. Its all about loosely knit sweaters tucked into light denim cutoffs. Brightly colored skinny jeans tucked into sharp ankle boots. Aztec print purses and rough leather jackets.

-Shea Marie's hair style isn't anything too edgy, but its well kept and suits her effortless but graceful energy. Few women rock middle parts today, I being one of them as well. I love seeing someone who pulls off a clean and simple part with relaxed but polished waves.

If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out at the link above.

I'm proud to announce that I have put together 2 how-to-draw tutorials for 2 of the sketches from this post. A fellow College Station blogger, Sofia had the idea of me posting the process of how I draw Blogger Sketch Sunday sketches here on my blog. If you are interested in seeing a tutorial, check back later this week!

Thanks for reading!


Blogger Sketch Sunday [Weesha's World]

weesha2 WM

weesha3 WM

weesha1 WM
Hello bloggers! Its the Forty-eighth edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Weesha of Weesha's World whose blog is located in Dubai.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Although fashion blogs are an open medium to fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, the internet like the media, is over saturated with unrealistic body types. I was over the top excited to come across Weesha's blog. Weesha is beautiful plus sized blogger who is proud of her body and posts inspiring messages promoting self-love and confidence. I love every single word she posts.
-Not only do I love the subjects she writes about, but the way she writes too. I've come across a few blogs that I can tell are kept by professional writers, but I like reading Weesha's blog more. Her posts are always easy to read and I always leave her blog feeling inspired. She writes about issues I've debated about myself and discusses them in honest, personal, and thought provoking ways.
-Weesha's style is all her own. I hate reading articles in magazines that limit plus-sized women to solid colors, dark clothes, V-neck tops, or boot-cut jeans. No woman should be told to hide their bodies or make any part of themselves smaller. Weesha wears whatever she wants, like every girl should feel like she can. She wears loud patterns, ankle boots, harem pants, horizontal stripes, layered ruffles, or bright colors. And looks stunning every single time. 

Its fashion bloggers like Weesha that remind me why fashion blogs are so amazing. The web is meant to be a open forum where everyday women can have their own voice. Despite the huge popularity and fame some bloggers receive, that shouldn't deter anyone from being the change they want to see. It doesn't matter if you aren't a size 0, are without a closet full of designer clothes, or don't have big name companies sending you free swag. The internet is the place to make a difference. 

If you've never seen her blog, I urge you to go check it out! I've posted the link where I named her blog above.

Thanks for reading!


Recent Commissions [Aug 2011]

gfwf 3 WM

final dome WM

fixed color header WM

sarah WM

allison WM

Its been a while since I've posted new completed commissions. These are 4 of the recent bloggers who have been kind enough to let me work for their blogs. None of them have put up the finished headers on their websites yet, but blogging does tend to take a backseat for our crazy busy lives most of the time. I hope to see the illustrations on their websites soon.

These illustrations are a small sample of the work I have done. If you are interested in commissioning a custom illustration/blog header from me, check out my 'Commission Me' page at the top for my rates and contract. I have 2 new commissions in progress at the moment, so it may take me a while to get to your message. But don't hesitate to start discussing ideas with me!




Blogger Sketch Sunday [From The Block]

block1 WM

block2 WM

block3 WM

Hey bloggers! Its the Forty-seventh edition of Blogger Sketch Sunday! This week's post features Jenny of From The Block whose blog hails from Los Angeles, CA.

3 Reasons I love this blog:

-Jenny is a prime example of California style. Her look is always laid back and comfortable, but hip and chic. With many cozy layers, edgy cuts, and chunky heels. Her outfits always combine body-con sensuality with oversize airy fabrics. If she's wearing fitted skinny jeans, she'll throw on a loose flowing blouse on top. If she has a tight bandage skirt on, she's wearing it with a slouchy knit sweater.
-Yellow is my favorite color and on purpose or not, Jenny uses the hue has a punctuation in her closet. Her most memorable outfits to me have special yellow pieces that define them. She uses a yellow spring scarf, a drapey yellow blouse, and a two-toned yellow miniskirt in her wardrobe to give her looks a bright sunny pop.
-Going back through Jenny's archives, I'm a huge fan of her winter style. And I can't wait until the weather gets cooler, A) So that I won't be burning my hands on my car steering wheel anymore (thanks 110 degree Texas heat) and B) so I can try out wearing knit beanies, patterned scarves, layered legwear, and a camel coat in the fall.

If you've never seen her blog, what are you waiting for? Check it out at the link I posted above.

Just a forewarning, I may be a little slow on posts again these next two weeks. I'll be cracking down on a summer course and starting a my last semester in the fall. But I will always keep Blogger Sketch Sunday going and I'll be posting something for my birthday.

'Till next time bloggers!


Painterly Pencil

Skirt: Forever21. Tank: Target. Heels: thrifted. Purse: thrifted.
Photo Credit: Dee

This is one of my all time favorite Forever21 impulse purchases. I smacked myself in the head for giving into buying it at the time, but I'm pretty happy now over a year later. I'm in love with the painterly strokes on it and black and yellow are my favorite colors. The only complaint I have about it is that its pretty straight cut with no stretch so I've slightly ripped the slit on the back. Its hardy noticeable though, and at least now its easier to move in.

The summer is wrapping up soon. It feels so strange. I feel like this summer never happened. Probably because I've been running around a lot.  Like a nomad. I'm looking forward to setting my feet down on firm ground soon. But I still plan on relishing these last few moments of summer. All I want to do is kick back in my jean short cut-offs, take walks in the evening because its still light outside, eat an awesome burger, and buy fresh cherries at the grocery store before the season ends.