Gold Guns Girls

My computer fashion design class at FIT just came to an end, and I am excited to see my first full 'collection' even if it only exists digitally. The course was mainly focused on learning to create a moodboard, colorstory, and technical flats in Photoshop and Illustrator. Our semester was focused on designing a 10 piece sportswear collection. I was inspired by art deco architecture and wanted to translate the sharp angles and lines into this collection. It was important to me that the woman who owns these pieces be able to throw any of them on together and look ready to take on her day. She can walk into work wearing grey plaid trousers with a striped blouse and gold blazer. Go to brunch with her girls comfortably in a zippered pencil skirt and printed silk screen sweatshirt. Or take on the night in a sporty graphic print dress topped off with a dramatic long coat. I'd like to imagine that this would be what Michelle Smith would design for a corporate retailer such as Ann Taylor. It was fun to take the sleek, youthful, sex appeal of Milly and apply it to a more conservative professional mass market. 



  1. Well done girl! This moodboard and flats look amazing! Honestly, great image blending, inserting colour palette into the moodboard, also love the background image for flats, delicate but effective and makes the boards more interesting :)

  2. WOW!! I love this design and the colors. I would buy it :)

  3. Amazing!!!! I love your blog so much. If your clothes came out in stores I'd definitely be the first in line :))

  4. Amazing!!!! I love those pieces...the first dress looks so cute!! If your clothes came out in stores, I'd be lining up in no time!!! :))

  5. Your blog is really perfect i have to said my favorite part is the sketch sunday and your fashion work are lovely kiss =D (From Brazilian Girl)


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