Why is your blog called the Visual Basic?
When I was a computer science major, I used Microsoft Visual Studio to run a few of my programs that were written in the coding language, Visual Basic or VB for short. A while after I got into reading fashion blogs I wanted to start my own and some how I always knew that 'Visual Basic' was the name I would use. It is general enough to cover all my interests and aptly communicates my interest in everything visual or aesthetic. However google searching 'visual basic' only brought up results related to computer science, so I started referring to my blog as 'Vizbasix' for short.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I am a senior at Texas A&M and I am a Visualization major, which is basically a fancy word for Computer Animation. In our degree, we work on creating 3D animations in programs such as Blender or Maya. We also study things such as programming, art history, architecture, and graphic design. If I'm really lucky, one day I'll land a job at Dreamworks or Pixar.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use my best friend's Canon Rebel EOS. I've rather long-term borrowed it from her for quite a while. I had my own camera before which was a Nikon D70 but dirt fell into the sensor during my vacation in California.

Can I add you on Facebook?
The Facebook link on my sidebar actually leads to my Facebook photography page, Rachel Nhan Photography. I prefer not to add people I do not personally know on Facebook for my own privacy reasons, so please don't be offended if I don't accept your friend request. I like to keep my number of friends low and maintainable. However I would love any comments on my Facebook photography page and I would greatly appreciate any 'likes' of Rachel Nhan Photography. Thanks!

Can I advertise on your blog?
I am extremely fortunate that I can make a small income from my commissions off of my blog, so I do not have to rely on ad clicks. Also I personally hate ads on blogs and I think that they distract from the main content and muddle up the page. I have a personal policy to never have ads on my blog. If you are still interested in sponsoring my blog, please send me an email with the requirements.

How did you get the idea to start Blogger Sketch Sunday?
Honestly I always sketched bloggers in my free time for fun. I sometimes get too caught up in huge art projects that I never end up finishing, so its refreshing to complete a little doodle in one sitting. I thought about starting a weekly tradition that would help me maintain my blog, and viola, my sketchbook had the answer.

I plan to complete 52 weeks of Blogger Sketch Sunday. That is 52 weeks in a year with 3 drawings each week, totaling up to 156 sketches in all. Its my personal goal to finish this full year of fashion sketching. I hope to be a million times better when I'm done than when I first started.

Where did you learn to draw fashion illustrations at?
I never formally learned how to draw. I don't go to an art school and I am not an art major, but I did take a life drawing class once. This class usually involves studying a nude model, but for one or two days the model was clothed and we tried fashion illustration. Although I was never satisfied with what fashion drawings I did in that class, it inspired me to start teaching myself how to draw better. And since I don't have a model on call, I utilized all you awesome, gorgeous, and stylish bloggers out there to draw from.

How do you choose bloggers to feature in Blogger Sketch Sunday and what should I do to be considered for a feature?
Its not enjoyable to make art for the purpose of pleasing anyone else but myself. So I never choose a blogger specifically because they have asked me to feature them or because I want the credit from them. I simply just draw bloggers who happen to inspire me. I don't see my weekly tradition to be a huge honor for bloggers. I honestly just like to draw for my own sake and I enjoy introducing my favorite bloggers to my readers.

Can I use any of your drawings on my blog or for personal use?
Great question! To be perfectly clear, I don't mind if you use my stuff, but I own what I create. So please contact me and ask me officially if you can use my work. Credit me as the source of the image that you use. And please send me the link to the post or blog you've displayed my work on.

Please be respectful of me and always ASK before using. Not asking is STEALING. I've come across my work on the web used without my knowledge and it angers me greatly.

Can I request a custom illustration or a blog header from you?
I do commissions for custom illustrations and headers. If you want to hire me, send me an email and we can throw around a few ideas. I have reasonable rates, so don't be discouraged. Check out my commissions information page for more details and my rates [HERE].

What medium do you use to draw Blogger Sketch Sunday?
I don't believe that art should be expensive or unreachable for most people. My sketches are drawn with  simple ballpoint pens that I steal from banks or offices and in a sketchbook I bought from Michael's. I feel that fancy mediums make me feel too nervous or pressured while using, so cheaper is better.

Why don't any of the figures in your blogger sketches have facial features?
I feel that fashion illustrations are not about the person themselves, but the style and personality they allude through the clothes they wear. Facial features are too time consuming for a quick sketch. Fashion illustrations by professionals usually have the same stylized un-realistic doll like faces. Since my drawings are of real people and not imaginary models, I don't want to dishonor the bloggers I feature by pasting some generic mask on them.

What bloggers have you featured so far on Blogger Sketch Sunday?
Here is a list of the bloggers I have featured so far in my weekly tradition and links to all of their blogs. I've numbered them and put them in order of when they were posted.

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x [10] A Cup of Style
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x [14] A Closet Fashionista
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x [17] The Shoe Girl
[18] Le Blog de Betty
[19] Mode Junkie
x [20] Style Forecasts
[21] LeeseLooks
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x [23] Its How U Wear It
[24] In Her Stilettos
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